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Common SL Photography Mistakes (opinion)

Maddie Diker

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Hi, i've been doing SL photography for a while, and have noticed a Few big mistakes other photographers do. It ki d of annoys me that these mistakes often are complimented on rather than given constructive critism.

This is aimed at photography that is not pure. Im talking about commercial and edited photography.

1- Poor resolution.
I often find photos of avatars that are blurry or pixelated on a higher resolution background.

2- Selling photography service that doesnt include basic editing.
Seriously why bother if you're only going to take a snapshot with windlight settings? At least liquify and smooth edges. Esp use the anti aliasing hardware option in SL.

3- Aspect Ratio.
Please dont squish or squeeze your avatars in the photos. Esp dont display them this way in SL. It looks cheap.

4- Jagged edges.

Like I said, use anti Aliasing. It can make a huge difference.

5- Over shading avatars.

Thats right. Stop using so much shading for your av (burn tool in PS) to the point where it looks muddy and like the limbs are melted into eachother. You know what im talking about!! Im guilty of having done that before but i now avoid it as much as possible!!

6- dont leave clothing/ limb glitches.

Fix em!! Or at least adjust them during the photoshoot so haleys arm doesnt stick out of amys chest... And if possible, have ur client adjust attached clothing to work with the pose.

7- know composition before ever doing photography!!
I highly recommend learning basic composition before taking up SL photography. Some edited photos are a miss due to poor composition.

Thats all for now. Thanks for listening to my lil rant lol. I wonder if others agree.
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Oh and number 8 would be:


Lens flares without a light source:

I guess it just looks cool to have a lens flare, but at least let ti stem from a light source such as the sun.


9- Straw hair.


I know this is picky on my part, but it kind of hurts my eyes when i see a beautifully edited photo with great depth n shading, only to find the painted hair is flat and has no highlights, shading or texture. It looks 2d compared to rest of the photo. Just add some white lines where the light hits, horizontaly, and smudge it up n down with ur hair brush (the one for soft feathered ends). Then where the hair isnt being lit ( see where light is hitting ur subject), add some burn or dark curves adjustment layer. That will make a big difference.

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 3606 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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