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Looking for a great sim to rent on for commercial? Look no further

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As many know, GLAM! and Dreamscape stores have closed, but as one chapter closes another opens. We closed in order to concentrate on something new. We now have stores for rent on an amazing new sim. The sim has just been finished, but many wonderful things are planned.

As renters move in, we are activating a subscriber group this week where shoppers can join and be notified of all the new releases, sales, and anything you want to share through this group on a weekly basis. The joiner will be placed at the center landing point. As well as being able to have another way to get to old and new customers, by renting on the sim, there will be a weekly sim sale on Saturdays with you being able to place an item for sale at 50L outside your shop. The sale will be covered through a blog, announced to all the sim group, and anywhere else you choose to get it out there. This is another outlet for all of you to increase business.

As the economy is tough for some out there in sl, this is a perfect set up for many of you. As a group of creators I know a lot are tired of renting in malls where you get no promotion, just drop, go, and hope for the best. Well, this is not our intention to do when you rent with us. Our goal is to promote the sim as a whole, each and every one of you. If you participate in the weekly sim sale, give us new item notecards to send, we will work our best to get your products out there. Pinkah and I are in sl everyday and being long term business owners (each of us 2 yrs +) we know what it takes to bring customers to shop.

Wanting to rent? Stop by the sim, check it out, choose a store for yourself. We have many prim choices available from 50 prims to 250 prims. Need more? we can do that too.

Have a build that you want to replace that will still fit the sim theme?  Im us and we can discuss the change. We want each of you to have your own special touch and personality, no more of these row stacked builds that are the same over and over. We want the customers to enjoy the shopping experience.

The only thing we ask is that there will be no resellers, high lag scripted vendors, or hover texts, as we want to keep the sim beautiful and low lag as possible.


you may contact Annette Cyberstar or Pinkah Breen

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