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Tor Genna

L$ payment on a web site

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Im working on a website

Is there a way to include L$ payment possibility on the website with linden and accounts?

Im using php and mySQL server 

Sorry if i posted this in the wrong forum 

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Probably not, more out of infeasibility than lack of success.

There's no way for a user to 'demand' or 'debit' L$ from an avatars account.

You could script a bot to receive L$ payments in-world, and catalogue those payments based on senders UUID and then 'credit' those UUIDs with pretend-L$ within your database, which WOULD allow you to track payments. You could then see if the UUID has sent enough L$ to recieve the product they should've been paying for. But that's a more than a little backwards. And of course you'd need plenty of error-checking to make sure a break in the system returned resident's L$.

I'm sure many residents would be wary of sending L$ as an avatar-to-avatar transaction (payment before goods), vs. an avatar-to-item (payment for goods) transaction.

Additionally, you would have to ensure that you complied with these policies:-




And lastly, the correct forum for this would be:-

http://community.secondlife.com/t5/LSL-Scripting/bd-p/LSLScripting - LSL Scripting Forum

 Hope that helps.

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should be possible to do using the same methods that 3rd party websites use to buy and sell L$.... you'll want to read up on the various API's and programs available here and here

Not really a scripting question, although it will likely include some scripting at some point.

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