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Cori Sabena

Tips to manage inventory

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If you are like me and pick up EVERY free thing you can find it makes you inventory a mess.

To much in inventory can cause lag.

Here is some tips. As a computer technician this is how I organize my computers.

First in objects folder create folders with these names.   

to A

B to E

F to H

I to M

N to Q

R to T

U to Z

Then sort objects by name and highlight the times (shift to select more than one) and put them in the correct folders.

Depending on what you have you can make fewer folders.

Do the same for Clothing and any other folders that are a mess.

Make a folder called Avatars

Make one called Boxed Avatars

Make one called Boxed Free stuff.

In each of these do the same.

I made one called copy Transferable avatars boxed for giving away.

Then put all the stuff in the correct folder.

The only thing in the root folder "Inventory" should be folders and system folders.  You should be able to sort all this stuff to folders in inventory. Like into clothes, avatars, boxed stuff, boxed avatars, house items, houses etc.   Etc.

Once in the folders you can then sort by date or name and star deleting stuff. You will see duplicate folders and items and then can delete one of them.



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Folders and suborders are the key but the names should be what works best for each person.  For instance I sort clothes by the type they are, dresses, formals, pants, shirts, club outfits, etc.  Then within each folder suborders labeled in color groups.  The more folders and suborders you have arranged in a way that is logical for you the faster you can find things.

Another tip is to keep things you rarely use but don't want to delete inside of prims.  Here's how.  Rez a prim, and go to edit and the edit contents tab.  Drag things from your inventory to the folder you see in edit contents.  You can put hundreds of items in a prim this way.  When your done loading, Name the prim something that describes what you put in it, such as old shoes, free gadgets, etc.  Then take the prim into your inventory and put it in one of the folders you have made.  You can reduce your inventory count quite a bit this way.  When you want something, just rez that prim out and go to the edit contents and find your item then drag it back to your inventory. 

My last piece of advice is to take five minutes to sort and purge your inventory everyday.  It's surprising how many items you can pick up everyday and how fast it can get out of control if you don't. 


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And my friends think I'm OCD about my Inventory. I've created folders for different types of clothing (formal, casual, surf, etc), then created subfolders renaming them to the store name. I also did the same with surfboards and created subfolders renaming to the surfboard store (FAKT, DW Surf, etc). I decided to do the same with my Landmarks tab. I created, for example, a Home folder, then created subfolders renaming those to Indoor, Outdoor, Home Entertainment, etc. Everything is so much more organized and easy to find. Maybe I went a bit overboard, lol. I have a little over 6000 items.

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i do the same exact thing. i have my inventory by type then like you, i have folders with color type inside the item type folder. i also do the prim with objects i don't use. i will also give unwanted items to new residents as long as they can be shared. sooner or later i will delete the prims just because if i have too many objects in a prim, it's easier just to delete them. i also have a inventory manager outside of second life that makes it possible to take pics of each item and then email it to the wardorbe, that way i can see everything i have. it makes it much easier to fine outfits or what ever. i also filter all the notecards and landmarks and delete any that are just taking up space.

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