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Harper Beresford

How has your look changed over the years?

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After some fifty years RL, I suspect my personal taste curve is stuck, if not ossified, in classical Audrey Hepburn-style lines, except when I'm doing a "role" shoot, like my "metallic princesses," for lack of a better name.

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Leela! You look like me in 2010! Same hair.. ha! But that was just one look for me. I never look the same two days in a row though I tend to stick to one shape because it's just one less thing to hassle with.

Thanks for sharing, gorgeous woman :)

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What a fun trip down memory lane this was!  Clearly, the look I was striving for has never changed much, tho' SL fashion, and my own shopping and photography skills have improved a great deal!  Thanks for the nudge -- this was a lot of fun to put together!

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*laughs* My look has changed quite a bit since my original rez day... however, I have always kept the brown eyes and long dark hair...    Its interesting though to look back and see!!  Great post!!..

Gabby - Early Days.png






















Gabby Early Days 2.png






















gabby early days 3.png






















Gabby Early days 4.png






















Gabby Early days 5.png






















Gabby Early days 6 - now.png


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Many have been very nice looking from the very beginning. :smileyhappy:  It was totally different thing over four years ago when I first logged in.  On the left one of my very first newbie looks, what I still have in my inventory (for laughs...). :smileysurprised: :smileysad: :smileytongue:  The one what I had on at my first login was yet even worse than the one in the picture. This one was already tweaked a bit in apperance sliders. :matte-motes-big-grin-wink:  On the right is my present one. Over the years the hot SL sun seems to have done some work on the skin. :smileyvery-happy:
Newbie and not so newbie

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Wow Coby, what a difference! Fortunately nowadays newbies don't have to feel ugly anymore...uuuuh... I didn't mean you were ugly. Well, I prefer how you look now :smileyvery-happy:

Here is my contribution to this thread: from 2007 to 2011


plus a special wink to Coby, my old dear friend :smileywink:



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avatar change.jpg


My avatar change and the long story behind it;

These pictures show my avatar has changed over the years since joining Second Life, the virtual online world.

I joined first in january 2007, looked around for a day or two and ran off screaming.
Second Life appeared to be a horrendous place full of nakedness, vulgarity and boring things like shopping and chatting.

I rejoined again in february 2009 (new avatar) just to try my new laptop, I wanted to see if it could handle Second Life.
It could but SL was still as horrible as the firs time... but just before I left I tried the search button to look for something I do find interesting; history.
And I found a whole new world, the vintage scene in SL.
I spend a few evenings listening to old music and chatting to people who also loved the first half of the 20th century.
By then I realised THE big secret of SL: It is what you make of it.
Within a week or so, without any experience, I started building my own sim, the 1920s Berlin project.

Anyway, that all explains a bit what you see above.

On the far left you see my very first avatar in 2007.
No skin, freebie hair, basic body, didn't look like anything much.
I never really cared about the avatar appearance much.

The second picture is me pretty much the first week or so when I re-joined SL in february 2009.
I already wanted the avatar to look like RL me as much as possible.
So I bought a vintage dress, vintage hair and was very lucky to find a free vintage skin.
The body was handmade with the SL software and I was a bit annoyed at how she was prettier and slimmer then me.

The second picture was soon after I started building my 1920s Berlin project.
Still the same skin but a slightly better bodyshape, a lovely Sonatta Morales dress (the best kind) and a cigarette in my hands.

In the last picture you see my avatar as she is now.
Much more realistic for a woman my age who spends her life working hard in a dark dirty bar in Berlin 1929.

As you can see, I am not one who likes change and not very fain or interested in my appearance anyway.
Generally I don't even change my outfit.

The biggest change my avatar has made is scale.
As soon as I started building I realised I was much taller then a 2 meter tall prim and got annoyed.
I care about realism and want my avatar to be like me.
So I am now a 1.80cm tall avatar, and thus tiny compared to most people...

In the future I hope to make my avatar look even more like me, perhaps even with my RL skin.

Want to see my avatar in SL, I'm behind the bar of Der Keller every day at 2pm in the 1920s Berlin Project.

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Thanks for the long report, Jo. However, SL wasn't generally so horrible in the beginning as you describe it. Perhaps you didn't meet the right people and didn't get the right sims to see. I can only tell you, that it was a great time with blooming creativity based on the simple tools that SL had - something for everybody, an amateur heaven. 

BTW: I own the same skirt as in the 2nd image of your picture. I posed with it for an artist, who turned the photo into a RL painting! 

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Oh I didn't mean SL was horrible, just what I saw of it as a noob those very first days wandering about random sims not knowing where to go.

Especially the busy places, full of noobs bumping into each other, shouting, asking where they can make money or do hanky panky.

/me shudders.

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made a similar thread in the Avatar forum but here's my pic showing how I changed the nearly 2 years I've been in world




I had the basic idea of what I wanted to look like when I started but lacked the funds and the knowledge of good items to pull it off (as well as some items and tech wasnt made yet) basically to look like a (more idealized) version of my RL self


but skin and shape are my own creation

hair is from Sirena

make up in tattoo layes

mesh dress by Jane

jewelry by Style Society

glasses are by Solar

eyes are really the only thing that's exactly the same from when I started, I should probably get a better set

as for the old pic, mostly freebie and cheap stuff, I think the skin and shape are even default linden skin/shape

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