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Harper Beresford

How has your look changed over the years?

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At the threat of exposing myself (and others.. hehe) to shame, I am showing you early looks from two of today's Fashion Experts..

First me, from May 2007:

harper newbie.jpg

That was in my pretty Gala Phoenix/Gala skin with hair from Elikapeka Tiramisu/ETD, my first dress from June Dion/Bare Rose and shoes from Sarah Nerd (which blinged!) (Think about this--these folks are all STILL here!)

I was always a redhead. It just suited me. It wasn't until I started my blog that I tried other colors and it still took me a while to get used to being blonde.

This is a photo of Frolic Mills from December, 2007, that I found last night. He had already adopted his handsome silver-haired look and dark good looks (in front of a build by Scope Cleaver for, I think, one of Frolic's first BIG fashion shows):

frolic circa dec 2007.png

Oh boy, 2007. We are OLD. ;)

Let's see your SL childhood looks. How are they the same and different today?





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OMG hahhahahahah !


Can I sue you for posting my newbie days?  HAHHAHAHAHHAHA  LOVE IT !!  Great memories from the good old days! That was the set to the first fashion show I ever produced.


Wow awesome!

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*blushing* 5 min work with my flickr images. But, I switch skin, hair and eyes really often. I have got smaller eyes and a more strong jaw, this is done deliberatly. 

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I jumped in-world last week, to take a quick snapshot of my current self for the similar "Avatar Evolution" thread. So this repost is a bit of a cheat.

I don't much like being the subject of a photograph. I'd rather an image convey a feeling or tell a story. The first snapshot is from my second day in SL, April '08. It is the only picture I have from my first go-round in SL. It was taken by a woman who gave me $250 to purchase some hair (a favor I've passed on many times over the years). Her reward for doing so was to watch me learn how to dress myself.

The second picture is what happens when the camera is in my hands. Time has changed my perspective as well as my look.


Then and Now.jpg

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I did it!  I dug through inventory and in my computer. (I had so many photos on the computer that I have to archive them by year on to a hard disk. I am a junkie!)

Here is what I was able to scrape up quickly:

harper history copy.png

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