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Best places to Change ?

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Melita Magic has a bunch of changing rooms....hopefully she'll pop in here and post the SLURL (or I bet you can look up her profile and find it there!). :smileyhappy:

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This is copied from a notecard I made a few months ago, a list of sandboxes I like & some low-rent housing.


You need a place to call home, to change clothes, to visit with friends, & perhaps to build, but you don't have to pay alot of money for these things.  As newbies we usually learn to use public sandboxes  for rezzing items & buildings. You can even rez a small house to use as a changing room. Below is a list of public sandboxes you might like. Most of them are PG/G rated, so teen residents can use them too.

Champlain College Sandbox(180, 195,26) (G)

College of NW London Sandbox, CNWL (71, 171, 26) (G)

Whitmyre Island Sandbox - 6 Hour, Whitmyre (180, 105, 22)

Skidz Isle Store & Sandbox - Too, Skidz Isle (70, 71, 22)

The Meadow-South, Wildefleur (179, 133, 25)

SANDBOX-FREEBIES, Zuma Beach (25, 135, 21)

Sandbox on Little Blue Island, Teal Island (30, 40, 23)

PUBLIC SANDBOX (PG), Mauve (105, 90, 33) (G)

PUBLIC SANDBOX - Shelman Sandbox

Mythos Sandbox & Free Sound Library, Mythos (120, 160, 496)


If you want a place to live & call home, but you don't want to spend much money, I've included a list of a few rental places that are very reasonably priced.

Artisticed Out Motel, Torch (35, 90, 87) (M) (This is a creepy haunted hotel near a quiet beach. Rent is only $L 50 / week.)

Cheap Rent! Quaint Row Houses, Hippystamp (92, 150, 33) (M) (Great place, but the landlady isn't on much, so be patient.)

Fourmile Castle Rentals and Shop, Fourmile Castle (M) (Great place with a whole castle to explore & sea views.)

Ravenglass Rentals $150 Pharos, Ross (150, 132, 23) (G) (Great with ocean-side appartments & private balconies.)

Ravenglass Rentals Warmouth Office, Warmouth (109, 149, 102) (G)

Skid Row, Songnisan (80, 50, 83) (G) (A quiet skid row environment with a nice little bar.)


Some shops also include dressing rooms or rez areas where you can unpack your packages & try on clothing. One of my favorites is DV8.  Everyone's taste is different, though, so when you find a shop you like with dressing rooms & not too much lag, keep a landmark for it. Even if you own land, it's good to have a few places saved where you can change clothes if your region is down. My own shop allows visitors to rez a box, but it's a PG region, so please change your clothing inside & upstairs.

Castle Briar Rose http://slurl.com/secondlife/Varean/123/60/86

Loft Bedroom hthttp://slurl.com/secondlife/Varean/135/67/93

(Edit to add info)


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The Newbie Goth lounge has two dressing rooms for public use:

Egyptian Gold Lounge:  http://slurl.com/secondlife/Dark%20Desire/204/51/916

Peacock Green Lounge: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Dark%20Desire/195/50/906


We've tried to make them quite large, as it can be hard to use camera controls when you are new.  There's also screened sitting areas in each, in case you're having a friend sit nearby to talk you through learning to fit items.


This area is rated "M", and may not be suitable for all SL users.


I'd also recommend Highrise Homes: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Dragons%20Den%20Too/223/223/21

For $20L a week, you get an apartment.  This apartment is not permanent.  (It's only rezzed when you teleport to it from a central apartment "hub", and you can not set home there.  And, the next time you log in, you will probably fall out of the sky, I'm guessing.)  Nonetheless, the apartments are private and you can rez items in them -- so they make great temporary dressing rooms.


Please enjoy!

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I don't like to change in public or changing rooms with others around. The best way is your own changing room you rez in every sandbox.

Create your own private changing room:

Rez a prim, sit on it and change the z position to the height you want and you are taken to the height. Then Rez another prim and make it as big a platform you want. Rez your Pose Stand. And there is your own private changing room. You can use our Dream Forge Sandbox for this if you want.

Predone Freebie changing rooms:

There are also Freebies out there. I am planning to build and sell such a Freebie in our Dream Forge Store as well. You rez it, sit on the prim and then you choose the height you want. Then you click on it and it rezzes your changing room. Nothing to build yourself.

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Here's another changing room trick.

Rez a box or sphere & squish the z axiz down so it's flat. Then make the x & y axis from 5 to 10 m wide each. Texture it like a carpet or rug.

Pull a standing pose out of a free pose stand & drop it inside your new rug. Now you have your own pose rug.

Put another box or cylinder in the middle of it. Give it the same x & y dimensions as your rug, but make it at least 5 m tall. Make it  95% hollow & link it to your rug. Make the inside of the walls transparent & the outside however you want.

Now you have a 2 prim dressing room from which you can see out but others can't see in quite so easily. When you select "sit here" from the floor prim, you will automatically go into the dressing pose. Then you can move the whole room up to whatever height you like.

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Thank you so much, Sylvia and Charlotte!

Really much appreciated!

Yep it's in my Picks as well...

Got some plans to make the place better too. Just been waiting for a friend to get un busy enough to help me w/some building.

But it's fully functional in the meantime! beach in front they're welcome to hang out on also. 

Again thanks so much for the nod. Been away in RL a bit...

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I have little island, where you can change your clothes. There are seven (7) skyboxes and they are in different heights. Every skybox has a pose stand.

Just join the group "Fitting Rooms" https://my.secondlife.com/groups/b149201c-9c96-2204-633f-08c6ab7f88db and you can rezz and open your shopping bags and make your avatar adjustments. Joining to the group is free.

Ps. If you need an home point, you can make it there too.

Here's the taxi:




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The dressing room idea is only for your peace of mind (maybe) as anyone can see inside the room  if they know how to cam --and most folks of a certain age certainly do.


Some schools actually used to give classes in how to change clothes without getting naked. Those might still be around if you check.


It is really pretty simple. You just need to understand how layers work for texture things and for mesh items just wear a swimsuit or whatever.


Here is the general idea.


** Have some texture clothes on --- any layer but  for example  a tee shirt and jeans.

** ADD the NEW clothes to what you are wearing. This works for either texture clothes (appliers or standard) as well as mesh with alphas (or alpha slots if you have a mesh body).

** Go to the WORN tab and take off your shirt and jeans to see what the new items look like all by themselves. For applier clothes you can take of the LAYER of your "jeans" to see the new item.


Honestly even though I have my own place and have no qualms being naked I frequently try on outfits to blog using this system. You can often tell if something is going to work for you WITHOUT even taking off the "shirt and jeans" clothes.  Just keep trying new outfits or demos until something looks good, then take off those "privacy layers" of garments. A few tries and you'll be a pro and can change anywhere without anyone seeing anything :D



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If you are the really modest type and haven't mastered the art of changing clothes without showing your naughty bits, yet, then you can also look on the map and find a water sim on the mainland with no one on it and tp there and change under the water.  You won't drown and it's easy to find such places.  

I do recommend that you practice the technique that Chic explained as you will find it handy to change into another outfit if you're at a shop, or a club and want to enter a contest.

I also recommend getting a folder or outfit together that you can just click on the folder to wear in case you find yourself accidently naked in public.  It will happen to you eventually.

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 1506 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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