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Aaleyah Lovell

Need Suggestions/Thoughts on idea

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Also if in wrong forum sorry >.< please move it for me, but this seemed the place for me to post it

Hello, I have been working on scripts for a Video Game Themed hunting sim that my friend and I want to run, once we are done and have a few more lindens.

There will be monsters running about the sim (Goomba's, Metroids) which all have health and the player fires at them with different guns. 

Basic Lightgun, Normal Lightgun, Advanced Lightgun

I thought instead of relying on ads and donations, I would get the players involved and allow them to make money while they play, I just don't know how I would do it exactly and still make a little money to help cover land cost...

I thought about making different types of bullets which will vary the damage as well as the gun has a base damage and then the enemy when killed gives the player a certain amount of points and those points can be traded for lindens.

Anyway thoughts? Suggestions? is it feasable?

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 You may be too sane for this forum… trying to figure out how to make the game pay for itself? How realistic of you. :)

The critter makers have found selling food works. People can brag about their animals and show them off. So, may be have trophies from the hunt? Charge a taxidermy fee to get the trophy. Do something with bragging rights.

Selling ammo in SL probably won’t go over well because there is so much free ammo. People seem think bullets should be free. However, weapons sell well.

Also, combat accessories sell very well. Does a player need armor? Can the monsters attack and damage the armor? That might make for a sellable item.

What about renting hunting blinds?

May be bait?

May be scent camouflage so the monsters can’t smell you coming?

One of the favorite games on Facebook is Backyard Monsters, a strategy game. If you have complex strategy you could sell strategy books.


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Make Battle Critters, a game where you breed the perfect fighting cutesy animals. They look like cute kitty kats with armor, but they are vampire kitties and werewolf kitties.

People go to your sim only and adopt a young Battle Critter animal for free, and get signed up in the Monthly Battle Critter Champioship Extravaganza, where they can win cash prizes. But to stand a chance they have to buy weapons and armor for their animals, so it can hunt for food in your sim. It needs to hunt daily, using the hud, otherwise it runs out of experience points and ultimately dies. The weapons and armor gives the critters more power so it will hunt better (more efficiently) and defend better against other critters. Hunting and battles give the critter experience points. But, don't forget, weapons and healing potions are limited to they will have to use strategy in their battles.

To participate in the Championship Extravaganza people have to pay 500L, but it's worth it cause the cash prize is big. The championship has different leagues for low, medium and high powered critters.  The Battle Critter that does worst gets fed to the Giant Toad God in the Pit of Disaster (which can be bought separately). The champion Battle Critter gets the options to Retire (so it won't need to be fed and will just become a normal pet that can't enter into anymore champioships, unless reactivated by feeding it the Elixir of Eos (sold separately)), be sold to the highest bidder (but you get a cut of the sale) or continue being a battle critter needing to be fed and trained and so on. If the person chooses to retire they get less prize money tho :(

The Champioships must have live commentary and be either streamed, or recorded for youtube, so more people can come to SL and join your Battle Critters Empire. Soon Mattel will want to buy the toy rights, and Dreamworks will make the Battle Critters Movie.


It's gold i tell you

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It doesn't need to fully pay for itself just a little bit, Its taken me a while to save my lindens and stuff...Yeah I'm pretty sane I know but whatever xD

I can have a basic lightgun and basic ammo be free and then charge for much better ammo. I could do armor as well and they can pay to have it repaired.

I like the bait idea as well, different bait attracts different monsters.

Thanks for the ideas!!!

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