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Have you ever been cyberstalked online? Did you stop it? How?

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Keep a diary of the abuse.

Go in person to your local police station. 

If you can afford it, consult a lawyer about your rights.

Cyber laws are in their infancy and social terrorists exploit that fact.

Perhaps consult a trusted computer 'geek' to see what you can do on the technical front to protect yourself.

Sorry you are going through this.

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"All on a sudden miserable pain
Surprised thee, dim thine eyes and dizzy swum
In darkness, while thy head flames thick and fast
Threw forth, till on the left side opening wide,
Likest to thee in shape and countenance bright,
Then shining heavenly fair, a goddess armed,
Out of thy head I sprung"-Milton (off the top of my head prob misquoted, Paradise Lost hehehehe

like Sin I was born full grown out of Lucifers's head (also like Aphrodite outta Zeus' head heheheh). So I'm bad and beautiful (but not a gal) my point is I AINT GOT NO PARENTS and dont want no cyberstalkers lol



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Carole Franizzi wrote:

You touch on a sore point with your question. I've NEVER been stalked! Not once! Even though a heap of people know my RL info!!!! What the heck is that all about? What has a gal gotta do to get stalked round here???

I'm sooooo jealous...

@Void and Carole - I am feeling a bit left out as well.  I have never been stalked - what kind of fun have I been missing out on?  /me puts on her emo persona...  Someone would have to actually want me and care.  Oh, where is the love and attention????  Doesn't anyone out there have the energy to stalk me just a little?


We could all make a pact to stalk each other I suppose.  Please IM me all you personal and real life information so I can start on that right away.  I'll start with anywhere else on the web you post and your hometown, best friends in RL and SL.   Provide me with any employers, the names and ages of your children and the names of their fathers.  Finally, please send  your phone number and Facespace info so it can be used as well.  I can't be a credible stalker without something to go on.  Oh, and be sure to pretend to get personally upset by every thing I post about you - no matter how farfetched it may be.  Without a little feedback and negative response, it wouldn't be proper stalking...

Thank you for your attention to this matter,


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I was cyber stalked by my ex (deleted: Personal Negative Commentary). That was one chick that the motor was running, but no one was behind the wheel. lol Would message me and I'd respond and then would turn around and claim I was stalking her and be having other people message me as well. That was one relationship I didn't just walk out of, but I ran like hell. lmao

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i unnastan ur pain! my cyber stalker ran around sayin i was cyber stalking THEM. looked up the definition of cyberstalking! realized that the fool was in fact cyberstalking ME then went all silent! i feel like the sap is creating werid anims with thier mocap suit involving porn and self sastifaction while looking at pix of meh if  u ask meh! caws my cyber stalker is a bit of a perv hehehehe

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Of course big boy, hehehehehehe.

You wished Jolene's cancer to kill her for example,and some more death or mutilations to others GV members, heheheheeh, everything you wrote is on GV archives, lol, so sweet from ya,   hehehehhe.

And you were stopped with your permaban, hihihihih .    Lol....

Think you got your answer now  sweet jumpy....heheheh. Lol . omg

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 2675 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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