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Beautiful Multi Sim Community only 2000L for 1200 prim!


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Let's start with a few snapshots from our community:

ad pics_1010 Street view.jpg

Available Plots ad pic 1006 Riverview.jpgad pics_club house.jpg

ad pics_drive in.jpg

Drive in theater




Prims: 1200
Rate: L$ 2000/wk

Beautiful multi-sim community with road and water-way access on the family-friendly Green Park Estates & Bearpaw Meadow Regions. This community is perfect for families, couples, or even single life.

We can provide a home for you on any one of our plots or you can use your own house (as long as it fits in the community). Our communites have been pre-terraformed but should you want some more modifications those can be arranged.

The property comes with a higher than standard prim allowance. 1200 prims per plot is equal to only 1.66L per prim which is some of the lowest rates found anywhere!  If you are interested in more prim and a bigger parcel we can combine some of our parcels for you.  We are very flexible so just ask!

Residents can enjoy the many features and benefits of our multi sim community:

• Private plots that can be set so that you will be invisible to others on the sim (done at you’re request)
• Ability to change the media settings on your plot
• Road and sidewalk system that spans around both sims
• Lots of community areas to meet your neighbors or just relax


Community Areas on the Bearpaw Meadow Sim:

  • Community Club House: Come and enjoy our beautiful club house! Meet your neighbors, play pool or greedy with friends, relax, or just hang out and chat.
  • Playground: Great safe place for children to meet others and get their energy out.
  • The River: Race your friends down the river, find a great fishing spot in your boat, have a leisurely float around, or go swimming.
  • The Drive-in: Come and enjoy a good movie with friends at our drive in movie theater. Bring your own car or sit in one of ours.

Community Areas on the Green Park Estates Sim:

  • The Lake: Take a thrilling ride on jet skis, float around leisurely, or go snorkeling to explore the lake bottom.
  • The Island: sit by the campfire with friends, family, and your neighbors and enjoy roasting marshmallows and each other’s company or sit on the pier and do some fishing.
  • Under bridge pier: a quiet area to do some fishing or enjoy a good book
  • The Caves: explore and boat through our caves to see what you can find-- if you dare!

               and more!


For more information on this or other Green Park Living rentals, please contact Tabitha Glendale, Lillian Lynwood, Lelia Wakawaka, or Rainya ForesightIf no one is online please send a note card and we will get back to you as soon as we can.  We pride ourselves on customer service!

To rent, simply pay the mailbox on the plot you are interested in, and ask one of the aforementioned people to add you to the group.

Come by and visit. We'd be happy to see you!


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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 3732 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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