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You said you want to change the ground and make your own house.. you've got 3 choices here:

1. Stay as a free member and rent a parcel in a private property where you can both change and make your own house.

2. Become a paid member and buy a 512m of waterland over in mainland where you can add an extra prim for your ground and texture is as you like.

3. Become a paid member and buy a piece of 512m in mainland that allows you to completely flatten it (no hillside) and add a prim on top to build your own ground.


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The Linden Home is a free home provided to premium account holders if the desire one.  The Linden Home uses up the premium account 512 square meter tier free allotment and you get the 117 prims that come with a 512 meter plot of land.  However there are several restrictions to the Linden Homes that are not present with normally purchased mainland plots.  First, your home can not be modified........you can decorate the interior and any patio that might be part of the home but anything to do directly with the home itself you can't change or modify in any way.  The land the home sits on is not really 512 meters in size.  It's just as big as the house that sits on it.......all land surrounding the home is Linden land and is no modify (you can't terraform it nor can you landscape it or place any prims on it).  Other things you can't do are place skyboxes or platforms on the land, sell the land or rent the land.  You can think of the Linden Home as a condominium........you "own" the interior walls of the condo and everything inside the condo but your home owners association "own" everything else (and LL is the home owners association and they are very strict about what you can and cannot do).  The up side is that it's entirely free and you get the entire 117 prims for the home without having to use any of them for the home itself (normal mainland plots come with the 117 prims but a home is going to use some of those prims which means you have fewer prims available to decorater you home or landscape it).


I think what you are interested in is the normal mainland land.  That land you have to purchase either from LL or and individual.  You have complete control over any home you place on the land......it can be a fancy or plain as you want, it can be placed anywhere on the plot (encluding in the sky), you can landscape the land anyway you want, etc.  You're restricted only to prims allotted to the land and your imagination.

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If you purchase mainland it's yours.  If it's not empty you can make it empty.  If you are asking if you can get a Linden Home that is empty, the answer is no.  A Linden Home is a home that LL provides in a few different styles for you to choose from.........but there is no empty plot provided.

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You can't spend it in any way.  This is a benefit that allows you to buy land on the mainland and not have to pay the normal monthly tier fee for the first 512sqm. So if you buy a 512 plot you have no tier.  If you buy larger lot you pay only the amount of tier due once the amount of tier you pay on a 512 plot is deducted.  The credit against tiers does NOT apply if you buy land on a private estate.

The cost to buy land varies and is set by the current owner of the land.  Sometimes that's Linden Lab, or other times its someone that owns land and wants to sell it.

Think of tier as a property tax.  It is your 'share' of the cost of maintaining the sim your land is on. 

You can join with other people that are premium members and buy any amount of land on the mainland and own it as a group by deeding it to a group you create for this purpose.  Then each member of the group donates their 512 tier credit to the group.  If enough members do this to cover the whole tier amount, then again, no tier fees are due on the parcel.

The only way to turn this benefit to cash is to rent the land once you own it.  BUT you have to BUY the land first using your own money ($L's). So you won't really make a profit on it until you collect enough rent to cover your initial cost.  Of course if you later end up selling the land and are able to get the same amount or more than you paid for it, this would be profit too.  However don't count on that.  You may end up having to sell it for LESS than you paid for it depending on the demand and market conditions at the time you sell it, which you cannot predict now with any certainty.

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Urzul wrote:

now i got premium account and (You can acquire up to
512 square meters
without additional land use fees)

but this is not L$ how can i spend it (use)

That's kind of an odd question, so I'm not completely sure it has been addressed.

As a premium member, you will get weekly L$ stipends.  It's something like L$300 every Tuesday.  You could save up those and use them to buy your 512sq.m. of Premium bonus Mainland.  (If you're not picky, you won't have to save for long; basic Mainland is very inexpensive now.)

(Incidentally, if you happen to find a parcel that's a bit bigger than 512 -- 528, 544, or 560 -- you can cover that without paying additional tier, by owning the land in a group that you create and control.  That's a slightly advanced topic, but not rocket science, if it makes the difference for a particular parcel you really want.)

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Kelly can you help me too?

I am premium account and already get my home that i choose, but like i know before that i cant change the house but i can putmy thigs in that house.. but the prob is I cant ut anything in my own home. cos i see "building/dropping object not allowed' that show as box with cros red circle sign in there.. :(

hope you can halp me out as i am a new mwmber in sl...


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These are the steps for getting a linden home.  Be sure you followed them all and have received confirmation in your email.  If you have, then you probably will need to submit a support ticket.


  1. Go to Linden Home registration and log in with your Second Life account and password.
  2. View the four themed communities and home options within each theme.
  3. Click on your preferred home image.
  4. Name your home.
  5. Read the Terms and Conditions.
  6. Check the box agreeing to the Linden Home Terms and Conditions.
  7. Click Submit.
  8. Review your Linden Home information on the confirmation page.
  9. Click Go to your Home or use the slurl provided

Confirmation is sent to the email address you provided when you registered your SL account.


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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 3521 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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