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Cobalt Neutra

Why does the "Calculate" button vanish for rigged import?

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Trying to wrap my head around rigged avatars, using SLAV, with Max 2011.

Am on the beta grid, in sandbox 4, using Second Life 3.0.0 (238864)

However, upon attempting to import anything expored from max with a rig attached, the "calculate upload weights & fee" button vanishes the moment I click the "skin weight" button.

Is this a bug, or a "feature"...?

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SL 3.0 have bug with Collada version 1.4.1

Use Kristen viewer S21(9) for mesh uploading


And plugin scale x1 - SL scale is in meters

or you use high FBX Dae version (collada 1.4.1)

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This issue happens because some of the bones are not included in the rig, the official SL viewer need all the main 26 bones listed in the Collada file to work properly, even if you use some of them.

You shoud open the Collada .dae files with a text editor, and search for a string like this:

<Name_array id="Object_01Controller-Joints-array" count="26">

If the count value is different, you modify it to 26. After that you should check the bones list:

mPelvis mHipLeft mHipRight mNeck mHead mChest mSkull mEyeRight mTorso mKneeRight
mCollarRight mCollarLeft mElbowRight mWristRight mShoulderRight mAnkleRight mFootRight mToeRight
mEyeLeft mKneeLeft mElbowLeft mWristLeft mShoulderLeft mAnkleLeft mFootLeft mToeLeft</Name_array>

If some bones of the above list are missing you should add them between your listed bones and the </Name_array>, save the .dae file and import it on SL, if everything is all right the "Calculate uploade weight & fee" button should remain enabled.





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