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'Pins' and needles

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Dante Tucker wrote:

I have not seen ranks have any effect on anything. Well other then making people complain about the effects they are having... which, well see the first sentance. It's just a big circle of people beign angry about nothing.


^^ This

On the brightside, being angry about nothing usually means that people don`t actually have anything to be angry about, so whenever I see this topic come up I think YAY!! there are no real problems at the moment. 0143.gif

@ Venus, Grats on your red skittle!!!

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I support Rank but I could be happier, not being Pink.... my least favorite color.

There should be additional edit options, this is suppose to be an extension of SL.

I would agree with others that showing Rank and any other information should be a choice.

LL could call Lithium today and request the changes, Lithium would reply with a Price to do it. I think that is the reason for any delay.


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Qwalyphi Korpov wrote:

I'm inclined to agree that LL made a wrong turn when they chose bowling as the theme for the forums redesign.  Really - bowling is isn't 3G let alone 4G.   I won't even get into the well know fact that chipmunks don't bowl.

.... well maybe one related question:  What is with the letters on the pins?   Can you even see them down at the end of the alley?   I don't get the point.


It's the end of the LANE not Alley.  Alley is side to side.  Lane is where you roll the ball. 

What's wrong with bowling? 

You are wrong is so many ways.

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