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No Entry Ban Lines. How to turn them off:

Zimrai Aichi
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I don't like HUDs and UIs for the most part anyway. The less the better. So when I started looking for land I noticed everywhere I went their were residents flying their BAN flags next door to me. It's bad enough getting bounced when I go to far to check angles on my house, but looking at a wall of caution tape all day was starting to turn my stomach. So I went into the SL folders and found  a solution:

Go into your Second Life folder. I run Linux so it's saved in My Documents.The full path for where we're going will sound something like this:   /home/YOURNAMEHERE/SecondLife-i686-

In the world folder is a PNG file named NoEntryLines.  Simply open this in an image editor like GIMP, delete the visible layers, and save over the old file (it should automatically keep transparency with the PNG image format).

Next time you load up Second Life you'll have a clear view in all directions. You'll still get a warning pop-up when you bounce into your neighbors' invisible wall, but at least you don't have to listen to those lines screaming "Get off my lawn!"

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