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9/11 Memorial and Tribute Places

Melita Magic
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First I will post a list of places that have an event, tribute, or memorial to 9/11. The two places at the end are just places to go and be alone with your thoughts.

Then, I will post photos of a visit to one of the places. 

Here is the list. I just checked it, so they are all current. Just click the link to visit the place.

_____________________  LIST OF 9/11 EVENTS AND MEMORIAL OR TRIBUTE SIMS __________


911 Memorial


A beautiful memorial.


Blue Angels 9/11 Event - 9 AM SL time, 11 September 2011 


9/11 Street Art Festival


Art about 9/11.


9/11 Firefighters Tribute

Climb 110 stairs in honor of the brave fire fighters.


A very moving, participatory tribute. Don the fire fighter uniform and climb 110 flights to the top of a replica of the Twin Towers. Once there, watch a sobering documentary about that day.


World Trade Center Memorial - 


Has the two Towers. A small flag lines the streets, for each person who died.


"Road Trip" - 911 Memorial


A very well done display stand in memory of those who perished.


Linden Memorial Park 


Did not see a 9/11 Memorial in specific, but this is a good place to just stroll and contemplate.

Linden Memorial Park - Candle Beach


Float a candle out to sea in memoriam.


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While I was gathering landmarks, and checking to make sure the locations were current, I paused to update the note card.

During this pause, I saw a woman in a fire fighter uniform say, "Who's with me?" 

No one replied.

Something inside me said, "THEY didn't hesitate and it was real. I can't wimp out when it's only pretend!"

She told me where to find the fire fighter uniform (free, near the stairs.) I put it on. It took my hair off, but no time for vanity. Unplanned, in unison, we said "Let's go!" and started up the stairs.

This build is massive in scale. You can see in some of the photos how tiny the avatars were in the context. For a while, the flag was in sight, and then even that vanished. As I walked slowly but steadily up all 110 fights of stairs, different emotions and thoughts coursed through me. It was chilling, sobering, sad, and moving all at once and all in turns. 

At one point, someone roleplaying laid across my path. It goes without saying many were likely overcome by exhaustion, heat, and smoke before they reached the top.

Once we all reached the top of the building, there was a long silence before anyone spoke. And then we all realized at once, they never made it this far. And suddenly things got very still.

Rest in peace, heroes of 9/11.

11 SL tribute 3.png

11 SL tribute 6.png

11 SL tribute 8.png

11 SL tribute 7.png

11 SL tribute 15.png




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