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Free primcontrol HUD - Easy Prim Torture - Beta Test Open

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I have been developing a HUD to manipulate prims in a linkset in various ways.  It utilizes the primset script which should be installed in the root of the target.   This allows the HUD to operate on the entire linkset or any subset thereof, instead of only one prim at a time as the viewer does.

The HUD uses an upgraded version of dialogger to create screens for flexi, light, color, target omega, particles and prim torture

The HUD is moveable and resizable without going into edit mode.

It's Free,  full-perms,  and open-source.

Anyone interested?   RSVP here (more reliable) or IM me in-world (may get capped).

Main screen.  This simply displays a button for each script in its inventory that starts with "prim-" and activates the corresponding script  when the button is clicked.


There is support for prim torture,  with or without chaining:


Particles required 2 screens.  On the left you can see the particles being emitted by the target object.



The control for each paramter utilizes a single prim, even though it may have up to 3 sliders.


Flexi, currently targeting the cape my avatar is wearing.  I use this to control my hair on the fly as well:



Light,  targeting the prim to the right of the glowing one:



Also included is a new version of the charttracker mapper in the same HUD.  Plots your SL position on any map.   On-map avatar radar, banline checking, flight assist.





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