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Looking for a space to call my very own


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I'm 2 weeks in on SL and have decided that i want to A) purchase a house (pre-fab) and B) find somewhere to put it. Currently, I've been living with my bf at his home but i would really like a place all of my own. I don't foresee this arrangement changing soon but it would be nice to have my own space and a place to put it eventually. 

I'm having trouble decoding the lingo between buying and renting, parcel and homestead. I prefer to not invest too much money into land (either renting or buying) as I'm not sure how involved in SL i will be after say a month or two. My RL schedule has become very hectic. 

I'm fairly certain that I would prefer living on a private estate vs.. the mainland but I'm flexible there. Also, I've narrowed my home search down to 2 possible prefab homes (30x35) and 2 possible 20x16 skyboxes (as I'm not sure which is the better option budget-wise). As i understand it, skybox "land" is pretty much the same as land in that the land below is yours to own as well. Is this correct? 

I would like to keep my budget for land/rent at $20US/mo (max) and have the flexibility to pay monthly and in advance. Is this realistic, where can I find this space in SL? Does anyone have land to sale/rent within my budget? 


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I have bought a wonderful parcel 4096sqm at the sea....with 936prims.

I pay 6000L every month that is 24,10 US Dollar.

But the land is so beautiful and I´m so happy that I bought it.

There is enough space to put nice houses there and you have the wild sea in front of you when you open the door.

I can give you the landmark If you are interested...you should take a look.

Next to mine the nearly same land is free and 2 others on the other side also.

IM me inworld If you like.:0)

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$20 is certianly realistic - depending how many prims you want, and how big a lot. It won't get you much land or a lot of prims, but certainly enough to live on. It depends if you want a lot of space and want to rez a lot of stuff, or not. I rent from Dreamland, and they have a few parcels that are $20 or under per month, but I found them too small with too few prims for me. Personal preference - I like a lot of space.

Lionheart often advertises here on the forums, and seems like a good company, as well, though I haven't used them. What turned me off of them was that I would have had to pay a (one-time) "set-up" fee of over two thousand $L for the parcel I wanted. What I have now, I own the land, bought for $105L, as well as paying rent (which I think is pretty unavoidable).

For your budget, I'm not sure what you'll be able to find under $20 that will fit a house 30x35, but you'll have to shop around and see ^_^

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Ariel Vuissent wrote:


Lionheart often advertises here on the forums, and seems like a good company, as well, though I haven't used them. What turned me off of them was that I would have had to pay a (one-time) "set-up" fee of over two thousand $L for the parcel I wanted. What I have now, I own the land, bought for $105L, as well as paying rent (which I think is pretty unavoidable).


Ariel, yes, Lionheart does charge a purchase price (set-up fee) for the parcel.  I live there and love it...well worth the fee considering what all they have done with the sim.  To me, it stands out above all the other estates, with the exception of Outerland (I think that's what they're called,) that has the same price cost to purchase.  That's what you pay to live in that sort of community, well worth it, IMO :)

ETA:  The purchase price also includes 7 days of tier...



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A skybox house or any other house that you buy doesn't have to go in the sky.  You could place it at any altitude assuming you own the land, or at whatever altitudes the landlord allows if you are renting.


I've got a nice place, if you are thinking of renting, with an unobstructed view to the east as it's at the edge of the map.  It's on the mainland, though, but that could be nice -- sometimes folks feel isolated when on an island estate.  It all denpends on the person.  There are four plots available, each with their own free tiki house, and a nice view of some rocks and sea spray, an off-world lighthouse, and of course beautiful sun and moonrises reflecting off the water.  Though each plot is a 512, I'm offering double prims just like the estates do (we've  got some additional land on the sim that we aren't using, so that's how we get the extra prims despite being on the mainland).


I have yet to figure out the rent box and start advertising, as in the past I've just rented informally to friends who paid me directly each week.  Anyhow, the rent will be 555 Lindens per week, which translates to rougly ten bucks a month -- the same price you'd pay to get a premium account with a free Linden Home, except that you get a nicer view and double the prims.


If I've wet your appetite, feel free to IM me in game, but please do note that I've got some things going on this weekend and wouldn't be able to get back to you until Sunday afternoon (Central Time in America).  Or IM my assistant Dagger Greymoon, he might be on.


You can check it out if you go to the southeast corner of Lemontal.  I'm sorry, I'm not currently at a computer that can get me in to SL and product a landmark for you.  Also, the sign that is there is clickable, but only shows pictures of the area;  Adding a notecard is yet another thing I need to do lol  When you're done, if you feel like it was a waste of time, then head west until you get to the next region westward (something starting with "H"), as whomever owns that entire region has it as a region-wide park open to all, so it will make the trip worth the while just to see the park.


In any event, welcome to SL, good luck with your home-search, and even if you decide to go somewhere else feel free to ask myself or others questions here in the forum.  You'll find the SL community, for the most part, is a friendly, helpful bunch.

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If you buy mainland, you eliminate the landlord hassle because Linden Labs is your landlord. You will have to pay the "purchase" price and then a monthly land use fee in USD$.

If you rent from someone (mainland or not) you skip the initial purchase price, but run the risk that your landlord will be a flake and you lose the parcel.Normally you pay in-world in Lindens.

$15/month is the land use fee for 2,048 square m ... that's a largish parcel with 248 prims for your use. I have a 1024 with 234 prims and its adequate for my purposes.

Your 30x35 house requires 1,050 square meters ... that's HUGE!  


Skyboxes ... they are the same as a house. You have to own the land directly under them.

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Thank you all for  the information! I was even able to visit a few places suggested here.

since I originally posted my question; I finally made up my mind (well sort of lol). I purchased both of the houses but will plan on using one. The house that I plan to live in has a footprint of 35x26 and uses 240 prims unfurnished (with lighting). 

So accounting for furniture and extras(?) i will probably need at least 400-500 prims (maybe more). I'm not sure here since I don't know how many prims are usually needed to live comfortably. 

After reading the suggestions here and looking around online for available land; I've concluded that I could afford to spend at most $1200L/week. I would still like to pay on a month to month basis. 

GIven this new information, is my land search realistic for my needs? Are there places I should focus my search?



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If you rent (they also call it "buy") from someone I would like to give you and others reading here a few warnings as I saw often people loosing their land, the tier payed ahead, and in some cases even all the objects they had rezzed. (it's still nice to rent a bit land believe me)

First, pay your tier only to the sim owner, never "estate management" people that do not own the sim.

The name of the sim owner is in the sim tab when you look at the land window, not on the land owner tab, but both names should be the same when you "buy" the land. Make also sure that when you pay your tier it goes directly to the sim owner and not some "agent" in between. If someone else is listed as land seller, make sure he works for the owner directly.
Just ask the owner by sending him a notecard if you can trust this manager and the tier you pay goes directly to him, the owner. If they lied or changed later the way how the payment goes then stop renting the place and tell that it is because of that.

Doing this, you avoid paying a person more in the chain, that from we all i saw many times, "disappears" with your ahead payed tier.

If that would happen, the sim owner will ask you for the money he lost or to restart paying tier right away so you can stay. Else he would evict you and re-rent the land (he possibly lost money too). Worst case he sells the whole sim to another owner that will rise the tier or evict you anyway because he wants to open a pizzeria right there.

Would that happen and you use the land "just" as residence, i suggest to not stay and not argue for it. (just do not say no until the last moment, oki?) Argue to have more time for the leave and play dumb, lie that you are ill, change your mother language or do something to make it as long as possible. If you get into your neighboroughs askig you to stay so they can stay too, just say no if you can handle it. Actually i suggest everybody to leave such sims but fight for the time to leave by playing "we are intrested but...".

I suggest this because it is not acceptable that a sim owner does not handle the sims himself and waits for you and himself (!?) loosing money.

Real good sim owners have "real" real estate managers really helping him because they are payed, are ~friends or felt in love with him.

If you really need or want to stay, especially because you may have a business on it then it's different tacticts:

In this case argue to stay with all others only under the conditions that tier is payed to him directly from now on, that the tier stays the same, or even be lowered if allready high, and he will grant everybody a couple of days tier as compensation for the time he doesn't need to handle all that work preparing, advertizing and renting the sim plus the money he would loose for the vacant lands. Then you can get a bit back negotiating giving him the feeling he won something and he his a goood business man.

Remember him that finally it's only his fault he putted this con artists between him and you.

But do not forget to be nice with him because he can always reset all the tarraforming, restitute your objects and ban you while you are picking around him in front of your house. (it'a a big red blinking button with a nasty noise i believe)
In any case do not stay if the owner wants to, or even has allready has, rent the sim to another agency between him and you.

Tell him that it is exactly because of that!

Hopefully that owner will learn to not use such "ghost enterprises" between you and him never again.

If you pay exclusivelly to the sim owner the only thing that then can go worng is that he does not pay Linden Labs. (disapperared, banned, etc.) Stil, you don't have a possible con artist between you and the sim owner.

Second, pay as less tier ahead as possible, even if tedious.

Some will sell you the land only if you pay 4 weeks ahead the first time, that's acceptable, but never more than 4.
From then on, pay only one week at time to reniew, max. a couple of weeks if you will be away from SL. Some tier boxes also allow other people paying for you. This way, if something bad will happen you do not loose too much.

Those tips are maybe exagerated for 20 buck$ a month, but are important if you later rent more.
Not last, apart loosing money, loosing your lovely and carefully created "own" place and needing to pack and destroy it in one night is a very sad SL-moment. You will hate it, think to leave for ever, or maybe stay and go crazy and become a very slimy griefing horned troll.

Unfortunatelly LL will not help you if above happens, for them it is an issue among residents, so do not handle this kind of abuse. Still, always abuse report under "Land>Fraud" the hell out everybody that toke part, that may help others.
Thus, it would be nice if LL would show us if the owner is late paying the sim, best with a nice message when you tp in like "This sim's maintenance fee is 38 hours late, the owner, GoldenTrustTower74 has not used any SL services since 5 days 43 hours 21 minutes 01 seconds".

And here a last tip for the advaced:  TRACK'EM ALL!

Serious sim owner estates have a group where you are invited when you rent land, there you can check when the owner and his assistents where online last time. Or even better, buy an AV online scanner that works when you are offline, one that is rezzed on your land, not a HUD, and sends you emails about this people logging in and out. This way you can check without need to enter SL.
Actually a real nice sim owner should not come to SL just for business once a month, isn't it?

Track the owner, his husband and also his wife, his associates, the estate managers, the lady at the desk, his dog and especially his secret lovers. All that you can.

If you see the owner or many of those people not logging in for a while, start asking out nicely but concerned everybody, from associate to the dog, what is going on. If you do not get any intelligent answers start going late with your tier payment. (most allow 3 days)
A realy good owner will send you a notice that he is away for a while and asks you to contact somebody else (that you will track too of course) if in need.

...but it's still nice to rent a bit land :smileyvery-happy:







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Well, for $L1200 per week, you could have a 1024 with 468 prims.  This would be your view:




I'm not quite certain your house would fit, though, as such a lot would be 32 by 32, and your house is 35 by 26.


Here is the slurl if you still want to check it out:


East Edge Beach Rentals - Lemontal (240, 79, 68)


Happy home hunting, and keep us posted as to where you wind up!  :womanhappy:

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Hi All! I just wanted to post and update to my search. I was able to find a really beautiful plot on a homestead (Maritonto Estates) well within my budget and my house fits perfectly! Can't wait to furnish and put the finishing touches on it :)

Thank you all for your advice and leads! 

Elle <3

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Why not simply become premium? It's half price right now, which is well under your stated budget. You get the house and you get the land for free. Then you have 117 prims to decorate with. On normal mainland you get 117 prims total for that same starter size lot. TOTAL, for house, landscaping, furniture, everything.


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Melita Magic wrote:

Why not simply become premium? It's half price right now, which is well under your stated budget. You get the house and you get the land for free. Then you have 117 prims to decorate with. On normal mainland you get 117 prims total for that same starter size lot. TOTAL, for house, landscaping, furniture, everything.


Id assume that people would really like to choose their own style sometimes and not be limited by the dire offerings that LL currently hand out. Whilst appealing from a cash point of view, the Linden homes are really not that attractive, plus space is so limited you lack any sort of privacy in them.

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It's me again! I am putting the fininshing touches on the new place and hope to have some pics or two to show you all.

Here's my next question and forgive me if this is the wrong location.

As I mentioned in the first post, I purchased my home before finding land to rent. I actually purchased 2 homes due to my indecisiveness :)) Once I found some land I determined which house was better suited. The problem was, my prim allowance was very small and the house unfurnished took up mostly half the prims.

So I found a new house with much lower prims half of the 1st place and it is furnished. In the process of deciding which house to use and which house looked best on the property, I unlinked the 1st house. When I went to derezz it, I had to take the items back piece by piece (not fun at all). There are now hundreds of house pieces in my "obejects" folder some with proper names, others not so much. What am I supposed to do with them? When I go to rezz the 1st house in the future will it be a complete package or will it do it piece by piece?

Also, one other thing - in the process of rezzing the 2nd house I somehow lost one of the front doors. I searched the inventory and its not there and I thought i might have palced somewhere else on the property by mistake. I'm still unable to find it. Is there anyway to somehow do a "find" for it?

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No, your house got blown up when I shot it with my rocket launcher.  That's what you get for not renting from me & Rabid Cheetah, heh heh heh heh heh...


Actually, if your house came with a rezzer, all you should need to do is rez the rezzer again.  If it came as a single object, you should be able to rez that.  If all else fails, contact the person you bought the house from and see if they can offer you some help.


Or you could place each piece of the house out, one by one, ang get a big jar of Super-Glue and...


Lots of luck, looking forward to the pictures when it's finally up...   :manhappy:

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