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I heard the viewer three can erase you inventory. Is this true?

Leea Sabra
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V3 may not show your inventory (among the many bugs this viewer has, which in my opinion make it unusable at the moment), but it cannot erase it. Your inventory is saved in your cache files (including those from other viewers) and on LL servers.

Anyway, a useful link:


I second Venus: use a TPV until the bugs are fixed. Firestorm looks pretty much like V2 and Firestorm beta allowing mesh has just been released.

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There is a simple way to to prevent (any) Viewer to (temporarily) affect your Inventory.

When you log-in, take a few seconds to let your Inventory load COMPLETLY (just open the recent items tab and wait until it stops counting) before you tp or (even worse) log-out again. :)

Btw, that this is a bug in V3 is a myth :) 


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