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REQUEST: addition of SLProfile Feed features

Loki Eliot

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While working through my marketplace stuff today it became apparent two options that would be very handy right now.

1. where it says 'share this item' it would be very handy to be able to post to my SLfeed for my followers to see. Would boost community generated promotion.


2. Allow a 'FOLLOW THIS CREATOR' button or 'VIEW CREATORS PROFILE' to allow people to follow the creators feeds for further updates.


Both these features would boost the usefulness of the SL profile Feeds as tools to promote and inform friends and followers of great content in SL.

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I second that. It would be nice if people could follow my feed without having to friend me. I'd also like to see either an RSS button on the web profile, or a twitter-esque API so that the feed could be streamed to a website or app.

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Since a few weeks I have been collecting ideas and feedback about web profiles feeds / my.secondlife.com from Second Life residents who are using this new tool to communicate with other users.

Below is the current list of suggestions. The up-to-date version lives at https://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/My.secondlife.com_User_Group and constitutes the discussion Agenda for the next user group meeting. We don't currently know when the meeting will have place. Nya, Viale and other Linden Lab employees are engaging in conversations with residents on the my.secondlife.com network itself.

There's currently a poll based on 4 of these feature requests at http://virtualoutworlding.blogspot.com - go and choose your favorite one.

LIST OF FEATURE REQUESTS FOR my.secondlife.com (Sept 8, 2011)


  1. Recently Released (these are already working)
    1. Cross-posting to Facebook
    2. Location tagging for posts, and Nearby feeds for regions
    3. Display Name and Profile Picture changes shown in feed
    4. Email notification now has a preview of the comment
    5. Privacy settings updated to separate read from write permissions on the feed
    6. "Follow" feature
  2. Language setting issues - https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/WEB-3984 (and others) - (we are currently investigating these)
  3. Behaviour & Reading
    1. https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/WEB-3995 Opening web profile defaults to feed tab (bug acknowledged on Aug 30)
    2. option to show my own messages on Home
    3. option to "mute" (turn off notifications) for an individual thread (separate from 'hide', which anyway doesn't currently mute notifications)
    4. ability to disable getting a post to your home page everytime a friend changes display name - (it's definitely on the list)
    5. new tab showing activities from all my.secondlife.com users. This would make easier to spot active users. Best if it includes a filter for activities (eg: I may want to only see new posts but not comments, etc)
  4. Posting
    1. option to edit a post or a comment
    2. option to hide from my profile a post I left on other users' profiles. Details
    3. basic text formatting (bold, italic at least)
    4. https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/WEB-4070control+a ("select all text") does not work in new feed update input box; nor do control+left/right arrow, control+End or control+Home
      1. these keyboard shortcuts do not work in the inworld browser either. This is a Webkit issue. Possibly related: 1 - 2 - 3 - 4
    5. ability to "Undo" after removing posts/threads/comments
    6. @-replies, Twitter-style (autosuggestion and autocompletion). @usernamelinks to user's profile
      1. If the mentioned user is a friend they should get a notification of the mention. Else it should just end up in a 'mentioned' tab/list.
  5. Interoperability
    1. inverse cross-posting: from Twitter / Plurk / etc. into the feed
    2. better link to Flickr so that pictures you post can show up in the feed, if you want it to
    3. more social network links (such as Facebook pages)
    4. a way to post what I share to my profile stream on my blog
    5. an RSS feed of our feed posts and Home feeds. That way we could use existing rss-to-blog or rss-to-twitter software
    6. an API so I could keep track of the feed in an external client
    7. https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/WEB-3969 Profiles: When reposting to twitter, included URLs should auto-shorten (bug acknowledged on Aug 30)
  6. Messaging
    1. group chat - Maybe even a new kind of group that does not take a Second Life group slot
    2. Direct/Private message. IM is still the only way so far to share stuff with just one person
  7. Calendar
    1. a "Calendar" tab which, depending on your privacy settings, showed events you posted, had RSVPed for, or were being hosted by groups you were in or on land featured in your Picks tab. Again, see Penny Patton's post for details; this feature may be developed separately from Penny's wider redesign
  8. Friends, Groups, Privacy
    1. Upcoming: "Follow" feature, which lets you read updates from users not in your Friendlist (if their updates are public)
    2. ability to split up our friends list into different groups/circles with ability to manage our privacy levels based on those groupings
    3. https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/WEB-3980 Profile Feed Doesnt Respect your Mute/Block List
    4. https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/WEB-3964 Privacy Setting, Adding an options to lock the "Add Friend" button. (bug acknowledged on Aug 30)
    5. new feature: depending on privacy settings you would get notifications about upcoming birthdays and/or rezdays of people
  9. Notifications
    1. new feature: option to have notifications respect online status, so inworld notifications can automatically stop as soon as we go offline
  10. Pictures
    1. option to send snapshots from the viewer to your feed
    2. option to attach a picture to a message
    3. "on FB when you [..?..] a link, you get either a picture (if it was a picture link) or the link to the website with a preview when it was a normal URL, in the post"
  11. Interests
    1. something against Interests spam. Spam examples
    2. more interests (30 - 50)
  12. Mobile
    1. mobile HTML theme
    2. Android/iphone apps
  13. Integration with Marketplace
    1. (where it says 'share this item') ability to post to my feed for my followers to see. Would boost community generated promotion.
    2. "Follow this creator" or "View Creator Profile" buttons to allow people to follow the creators feeds for further updates
  14. Integration with Forums, Answers and Land, Event, Groups profiles
    1. Upgrade Land and Group Profiles as well as Event Listings all in ways to interconnect them. Thread them all together and also create a new way to use SL search to track down content relevant to one's interests. See Penny Patton's post for specific details. Some examples:
    2. when I add a post to an existing thread, or create my own thread on the Second Life forums, or pose a question to, or provide an Answer, or receive Kudos or a reply, that should appear in my feed
    3. people could "pin" forum posts to a tab in their social profile, like "Picks" but for forum threads
    4. Group and Land tabs, which would also have Calendars
    5. Group, Event and Land profiles would include interest tags like profiles
    6. Groups Profiles could list multiple in-world locations significant to the group
    7. Land profiles would list all groups that linked to that land as a group location
    8. Land profiles could have a number of "landmark" locations for "must see" spots in the land
    9. Group, event and land profiles would all have "shout-out" boards people could post messages to
    10. Groups would have a constant "group chatroom"
  15. Design
    1. idea: put feed in the viewer sidebar inside the profile tab. Mockup
  16. Search
    1. saved searches (limited to mySL)
    2. hashtags searches (limited to mySL)
  17. Web access to inventory
    1. ability to insert/link to landmarks, objects, notecards and share then. It's understood this is a powerful and dangerous approach though.
  18. Bug: notification icon doesn't automatically update unless I click 'Home' or refresh the page.
    1. happens on Linux/Firefox (NoScript extension installed but not blocking any script);
    2. doesn't happen on Linux/Chromium;



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Awesome work!

We almost, nearly sort of came together enough to put a list like this together for Marketplace feature requests in general. A bit tricky as there are many features that would affect peoples businesses differently, thus more fodder to disagree than agree on some points.

Of course we have no active User Group.

Wanted to say well done though.

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Loki Eliot wrote:


2. Allow a 'FOLLOW THIS CREATOR' button or 'VIEW CREATORS PROFILE' to allow people to follow the creators feeds for further updates.

I have asked for this several times already. When Grant Linden was still in charge of the marketplace he found it a good idea, though it would not be implementated in the first release of the marketplace. Since he left it never became clear if the plan is still on the table or not.

Please let it happen this time!

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 3692 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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