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Gion Higashi Looking To Hire (Geisha, Event Manager,Maiko,Staff) For New Okiya

Amaya Rodex

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We are looking to train new girls for the Gion Higashi Okiya.

Note: *We are a new okiya in sl.

*Applicants will go through training,etc as this is an okiya. Many will start as shikomi where you pretty much focus on learning and helping your elder sisters.



*No background with gor,etc. As the common quote states geisha sell the arts.

*Training is provided. We prefer girls to be in around 10 pm est during week for a 1 hr lesson or practice and ozashiki.  Most of time you will not work during day except perhaps the summer months.

*Those wishing to apply for geisha/maiko post must submit:

*1 emote

*Show one 5 min geisha dance with simple story or fable to go along with it.

*Possession of correct kimono (one formal, 2 not) hair, makeup, instrument, dance hud,etc.

*If you wish to START at shikomi you merely need a desire to learn, good conduct,etc.


*Helps run events in the okiya.

*Mostly needed to book private events,etc for the okiya such as private shows,etc. We try to charge around 800l for a private ozashiki and around 1-2,000L for a private show. However, if you can get more that is fantastic! Max of around 5,000L. We will likely look at business packages as well.


*Needs rp and organizational experience, some business management helpful.

*Will be a major part of contributing new ideas,etc.

*Clothes: Business/Office attire




*Security-ALL Private events and shows. 200l per time needed. This job is not a 24/7 job and is more or less you will be called as need be.

*Help give tea to guests, alert a maiko or geisha when guests are on sim. Help the geisha and maiko orchestrate events,etc.

Pay: Mostly tips, as we get more active sure to be more. You can expect a lot of tips to come from the girls you are helping.

*Needs good kimono, and shoes, asian look to avatar

RP and Emoting experience

Will be taught serves,etc. as need be.


Time: *SL geisha and trainees will spend a lot of time on sim and off to invite people to visit,encourage donations,etc. We are looking at settng up boarding in the area though this will likely be distrubuted by rank and not to indivudals. Most of time in sl will be in kimono or yukata even when off duty. Morning until late afternoon as of right now is your own time. You should try to visit other okiya,etc. to promote our place as it helps all of you get more out of the experience as well as allows for the chance to get more tips. I have known busy okiya shows to get about 500L per performer in one show! Shows and ozashiki are usually one hour except for special occassions,holidays,etc.


Cost to you:Clothes,etc. are your own.


Please im Amaya Rodex if interested in world. You will be given a lm to the location and asked to come in for an interview.

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 3822 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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