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Second Life in a web browser

Amiryu Hosoi

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So, today I found SpotOn3D they have a solution to run SL and Open Sim right into a browser with very high performance. I checked this out today and was stunned by the elegance of the product.

It also got me thinking. This is exact the product I have been waiting for to get my RL audience into my virtual showroom. All they need to do is dload a plugin for the webbrowser and log in with my guesst account. I could embed the login page for the virtual world right into my website.

There is however a problem. Not specifically with SpotOn but with Second Life and Open Sim itself. Emagine I have set up my virtual showroom for RL design in a virtual world for my customers to check out. My customer logs on and finds... a full blown interface. Wich is okay for me, the developer but NOT okay for my customers.

What we need here is some set of admin tools to control what the visitor to my region will be and won't be able to do and what interface sets are loaded into the visitors viewer. For instance, I would like my visitors to be able to walk, sit, interact, chat, and IM. Not more, not less. I also don't want my visitors to be able to teleport. Only region owners and managers would be able to edit the settings. Just like we have with Windlight right now. The settings should be saved server site and apply to all visiting viewers.

I think the combination of Second Life in a webbrowser complemented with some admin tools like I mentioned above will make a very powerfull demo environment that all kinds of businesses will adapt and start using for various reasons. I myself would start using it right away. My visitors should be able to test and review different configurations of my prefab buildings on the fly and on top of that place an inquiry for the RL product with 1 click!

I posted this because I would like to know if anyone else has been thinking of a set of admin tools to set region -> interface defaults/restrictions. And if so, please give us some feedback.


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For those that are not already aware the SpotOn3D product actually runs a modified viewer 1-based TPV viewer through a browser plugin.  So you are actually running the full viewer on your machine through the browser - and it looks just like that - not that many who are new to virtual worlds may realise that.  The software has some nice features - but is not actually running a virtual world solely through a web browser unlike Linden Lab's experiment earlier in the year.

To get an idea of what SpotOn3D are about, and why they are disliked among the Open Sim community so much I suggest you read this article by Maria Korolov of Hypergrid Business,

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 There are non-Linden people working on various viewers to allow people to accomplish tasks in SL. Look on the Third Party Viewer List for some of those. While I cover viewers, tools, and features related to the mainstream SL, Inara Pey covers more types of viewers in her blog Livng in a Modem World.

We know the Lindens are working on new creative products for smart phones and tablets. We don’t know how that will relate to SL.

We know that LL did test a browser based viewer. See: Browser Based Viewers. It was somewhat like the Basic Mode viewer. But, recently we haven’t heard much about what they are going to do with the idea.

Neither of these development efforts do much to change the server features that allow one to manage their region. That development is taking place in the Lab every day. You can ask this question in either the Beta Server Group or Sim User Group at their meetings. See: Linden Lab Official:User Groups

There is an established path for getting new features added. Basically write up a description of and justification for the feature. Put it in the JIRA as a feature request. If the Lindens decide it is a good idea, they will put it in their to-do backlog. If you want to change its priority, you’ll need to get people to WATCH the feature. That is not guaranteed to change the priority, but it does have influence.

I suggest that you discuss the feature in both related user groups and get a sense of the Lindens’ perception of the feature and the need for it. Then write the JIRA request.

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4 hours ago, TommyTheTerrible said:

You should be very careful using Speedlight.

It sends nearly all your traffic through a third party server.

I have no idea why Linden Labs allows it as a supported client.

you connecting out side of your isp's  biome and you are using 3rd party servers,  day and age of hiding is very well known to not be a thing.   if they can catch some of the biggest players on the "darkweb" they can catch any one.

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 449 days.

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