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-10 lindens?

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It may be a glitch of some kind. I've had it happen where I've ended up -$1L before, but it's usually been a glitch when I tried to buy something. You shouldn't be able to buy anything with no L, though; it should just tell you you don't have enough. Are you in a group that may have taken a "dues" of some kind?

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Check all the groups you belong to & make sure you are not incurring group liabities. Unfortunately some group owners think it's fair to spread their costs out to their group members. 

Since you said you can't put lindens in, I'm assuming you have a free account & don't hold land yourself. If you hold land, you could be paying a fee to have your land set to Show in Search.

The positive side is that if your account is free, Linden Labs won't close it just for being in debt by $L10.

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