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Second Life Final Fantasy VIII (SLFF8), Time Has No Bearing On Your Adventure!

Jacky Deanimator

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"I'll be here..."


"I'll be 'waiting' .... Here ..."

"...For What?"

"I'll be waiting for you... So.... If you come here... You'll find me."


"... I promise..."

Second Life Final Fantasy VIII

Welcome to SLFF8, The only Premiere location to play out your wildest Fantasies involving the settings within the acclaimed Final Fantasy 8 hit video game! With a friendly staff who strive to create a wonderful world for your roleplaying pleasure, SLFF8 is the place to be to live out your desire for action, roleplay, and pure fantasy!

What do we offer?

*Locations! Visit pivotal places within Final Fantasy 8, such as the Balamb Garden, The Galbadia Base, Deling City, Balamb Town, and many more memorable places!

*Combat! With the introduction of the Final Fantasy VIII Roleplay Combat System, Battles are reminiscent of the combat system within the game itself. And even if you don't like the fast paced combat stylings included in this system, traditional Roleplay Combat is always an option here!

*Novelty! Builds are constantly being updated, rebuilt, and changed to further match the Authenticity of the game itself, alongside weapons, familiar faces coming up now and then, and the constantly expanding story and action, SLFF8 Follows a grand path into a bright future!

And of course...

*Roleplay! Having the ability to choose which side you're on, SLFF8 Provides a constant flow of Roleplay Endeavors. Being a student at the illustrious Balamb Garden provides you with Garden Classes, Missions, and interaction with your fellow students. Contrarily, being part of the Galbadian Army allows you to fight some perilous monsters, be at odds with the Garden's Students, and see to it that you get into some radical battles! All of these become possible if you simply sign up and get to playing!

How to find us?


Simply type in 'Balamb' on the Content Search bar, and click on the link that takes you to Binary Sorcery! We'll be looking forward to having you join this illustrious sim!

Any Questions?

Go ahead and send myself, Jacky Deanimator, or Song Ceriaptrix, or even Chiu Kimono an Private Message in world, and we'll be glad to help you with any problems, questions, or issues you may have! Just remember to have fun, and enjoy the player base and wonderful roleplay!

Oh, and don't worry about if you're furry, monsterous, or just plain strange looking, Balamb Accepts all kinds~


*Disclaimer* - SLFF8 is a recreation of the Final Fantay 8 world, with a new story and new characters. Content made and used is all original, and all profits made for the sim go towards keeping it active for the playerbase. Final Fantasy 8 is copyright to Squaresoft/SquareEnix. No Moogles Were Harmed in the Making of this sim. ... Okay, maybe two.

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 3064 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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