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Profile Picture Question

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Qwalyphi Korpov wrote:


I frequently see it written that profiles are supposed to be G rated.   So often that I think it's true.  The link you provide says it very clearly.

Still I'm trying to work through the puzzle of finding the part of the TOS that covers this.  That FAQ doesn't appear in the TOS list of additional terms and policies.

So I'm wondering along with Ravyn where in the TOS it says profiles should be G rated.


It is actually deeply nested within the TOS.  Starting with http://secondlife.com/corporate/tos.php :



8.1 You agree to abide by certain rules of conduct, including the Community Standards and other rules prohibiting illegal and other practices that Linden Lab deems harmful.

You agree to read and comply with the Community Standards posted on the applicable areas of the Websites.


Community Standards provides this:

Adult Regions, Groups, and Listings

Second Life is an adult community, but "Adult" content, activity and communication are not permitted on the Second Life "mainland." Such material is permitted on private regions, or on the Adult Continent, Zindra. In either case, any Adult content, activity, or communication, that falls under our Adult Maturity Definition must be on regions designated as "Adult," and will be filtered from non-verified accounts. Other regions may be designated as either "Moderate" or "General." For more information on how to designate land, events, groups, and classified listings, please carefully read the "Maturity Definitions."

"Maturity Definitions." provides: 

For more information on what qualifies as adult content, see Adult Content FAQ.


Adult Content FAQ. provides:

What about profiles?

Content in profiles must be General, and must obey the Terms of Service and Community Standards


And around we go, dizzy yet?



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What concerns me is, when we accept the ToS aren't we accepting it as it's written at that point in time?  Meaning, if the ToS gets changed, we should have to be required to accept it again.  But as it is, if the ToS requires us to follow guidelines on other pages that can be changed at whim, that makes it so that they can change ToS at any time without us having to agree to it... am I right?

But wait... at the bottom of the list it states...

"Any other communications or Content made available by Linden Lab on the Service is not part of this Agreement and should not be relied upon as such, or consulted for contractual purposes, but rather is provided to assist and enhance the user experience in Second Life."

I'm confused. emoticons_smilies_8.gif


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they may be in the TOS, but i look at profiles as a window to you house. your allowed to be naked in your own house and if someone peeps in your window while your naked, then thay have no reason to be offended, as they took the chance to peep. although, PUBLIC displays of nudity (billboards, media, public nudity in g areas) should definately be in the TOS.these are MY thoughts, not LL's. so MY opinion is profiles are your private domain and as such should be wehatever you make them.

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 4041 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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