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Problems with New Viewer 3.0

Lexa Avedon
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I am having a number of problems with 3.0 viewer:

   1. My avatar suddenly became a nebulous floating white cloud and I was unable to rez it back to my avatar using rebake, appearance or graphic adjustments.  Finally a helpful person in here gave me some good tips, and I recaptured my avatar, except the finished product is not what she was prior to the sudden change into a cloud.  I have spent literally hours tweaking and tweaking her, re-doing her from scratch with one of my many copies saved in my inventory, to no avail.  She is not quite what she was... close, but no cigar, as they say..

   2.  While dancing in the surf of my beachfront parcel, the waves suddenly froze and remained that way until I logged off and back on.  Strange occurences such as this happen from time to time....the screen colors fade out into white and then come back, people tell me I am wearing a helmet, when my screen tells me I'm not into helmets. lol   The draperies in my penthouse condo suddenly look like white inflexible, unmovable triangles, etc. 

   3.  I have been unable to drag photos from my inventory to my profile.  There seem to be no instructions, and I keep trying it the 2..0 way, but it just does not work.

   4.  At first I liked the physics feature, but I find that in certain sims, even though I have the controls down at practically zero, my breasts are bouncing wildy and blindingly (sorry for the graphic description), and they look ridiculous, instead of natural.  On my own parcel they're fine, but not in every other sim.

   5.  Searching on the inventory window is a much slower process than it was on 2.0.  I'd love to have a "collapse" option such as exists on Phoenix.   It would make things so much easier, than to have to go to the asterisk at the very bottom of the screen, click on that, find "close All folders" , click on that, etc, etc.  

   6. There is a constantly running timer in a tiny font at the bottom right of my screen.  It reads (sample) "Time:1:13:37 "and beneath that is "Texture: 0:41:16".  It runs constantly, counting down the seconds, etc. I can find no way to remove it, and have no idea as to its source.  I just hope my entire screen will not shatter into a zillion pieces when the timer runs out - lol -  but the text covers the bottom of my inventory window when I have it open, and it is annoying, so I'd love to have a super helper (hint-hint) tell me how to get rid of it. 

   7.  Updating the viewer is a general pain because it keeps giving me an error message, saying it cannot write it and I have to keep trying repeatedly over and over again until finally the update is successful.

   btw, I have a brand new HP Pavilion Elite PC with the fastest, best game-oriented features on it...lots of power, super graphics and video capabilities and  new HD wide-screen monitor, so I'm crossing my fingers that none of the above relates to my computer. 



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I have similar issues..

1.     I own a brand new HP laptop

2.     I cannot use the new viewer and have tried removing the viewer and reinstalling it.

What will happen because of this is ..

1.    I will lose my land if i cannot pay my tier.. I refuse to pay the premium.. I have been a basic member since 2008 and there for was able to own land..this will be all lost if i have to pay a premium to get tech  help then go back to basic and lose my original basic package.. nice.. that will take my land ownership away ..i wonder if this is happening too ALL old basic account holders that carried the orignial account "perks" when their accounts were first openned?  Could be why all of this is happening now?  To get someone to  pay a little extra every month on a premium membership ? ehh?

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I think pictures and videos speak louder than words, all the system info is on the JIRA.  But as you see, even though a Linden commented on the JIRA, all he had to say was a criticism of a coworker and a complaint about what I typed based on their website information. I have never seen a program fail to be able to be moved to Applications and I've been using Mac computers (and Windows computers, I own both) for an extremely long time.


I think Viewer version 3.0.0.xxxx doesn't work on my computer and I think if you look at the video, you will agree.


Please take dramamine before the video if you get motion sickness.

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I've had no issues with any of the viewers. In some places, I've seen 115 FPS at max graphics settings. I've only ever experienced a crash, and that was when I was running a game on the other monitor.


Everyone's complaining about the problems they're having, but I've yet to see any system information posted, which makes me think it's probably on your end.


Windows 7 64 bit

Quad core 3.5 Ghz CPU

16 gigs RAM

nVidia GTX 570


If you don't know your system specs, you can copy it from the Help > About dropdown in SL.

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renanyoy Oh wrote:

same for me can't use SL anymore with viewer 3.0, waiting next version, I hope they will fix all bugs that make it unusable  for the moment.. feel like back in 2005 with the last viewer, 5 fps, hangs all time.. on intell i7 quad core 12go ram ati 6800 model

5 FPS on that? Something else is going on there. Have you checked other running programs, updated drivers, etc? The basic troubleshooting steps?

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im having same problems. only i cant even get my avi to move. when it finally does move its in random directions.

dont bother saying im having pc issues. i run hundreds things dayly and never have issues but this new SL version sucks it screwed up everything in the veiwer. noted i keep pc updated dayly!!! so clearly if im lagging on my beast of a pc, then SL is at fault for crappy updates. FOR NOW BACK TO VERSION 2 u.u

PC Built for Graphic Design and Extreme Gaming!!!

PC Specs:

Asus Rampage III Formula

i7 950 @ 4.3 o.c.

24gbz Corsair Dominator (1600mhz (PC3 12800))

NVidia GeForce GTX 590 (GeForce GTS 250 as backup card)

SoundBlaster X-Fi Fatality



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