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Problem with rigging pants

Spirit Osmus
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Hello everybody! I have been using the avatar.blend file in Blender provided by Domino. I have problem with pelvis. 










May be somebody know what I do wrong ? Why it dont move in pelvis (((

 Also I dont set Joint positions, because its broke my mesh

Thanks a lot!

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Here is good tutorial series about rigged clothes. For example there are step by step instructions how to copy vertex weights from avatar body to clothing items.

I made a tight miniskirt on which I copied vertex weights from avatar mesh. The skirt follows body movements very well. Some manual weight painting at the front of the skirt was needed, so that it looks nice even when sitting.

I exported my actual avatar mesh from SL and used it in Blender as a guide when making the skirt. Thus I don't need even to wear alpha texture under the skirt as the skirt is modelled to fit my shape. I'm quite a newbie in Blender but following the above tutorials I was able to make the rigged skirt and import it to SL.
Rigged skirt

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Spirit Osmus wrote:

Thanks ! I will try, but I create it not only for me and I I do that for my shape, what about If I give it to somebody with another shape... May be If I can move the dot of the pelvis at armature I will have good result, but how,,,,

For differently shaped avatars to wear, you need to create alpha texture which hides the avatar body parts under the clothing. Else it is sure that some body parts will poke through the body. So you need to give the mesh clothing item and the alpha texture. The user will wear both. As the body under the clothing is invisible we cannot see is the body poking through the clothing or not. In the tutorial links I gave, there is also instruction how to make the alpha texture to be worn with the clothing.

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