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Chimera help please?

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I've beeng one for a few months and I got back and my chimera was broken. So I got a new one.


Well Ive put all the dances back in it with np.  But, the dance that I bought awhile back, it won't let me drag it over for some reason.


It's perms are  Modify/copy  no transfer.     I thought it worked if it was copyable?

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Searching on Chimera will get all the answers for fixing a Chimera problem. DjWhiteBoi asked the same, or at least similar, question here: Chimera not working right anymore?and serval people have contributed answers.

All the answers I saw left out a couple of the possible problems, cache corruption, lag, region problems, and user problems.

Since permissions should make no difference when adding an animation, you should be able to add any animation to any object/Chimera. So, it is either a system problem, the sim, SL servers, or connection that is the problem, or it is simething in what you are doing.

To eliminate region and connection problems press Ctrl-Shift-1 (is a toggle) to open the viewer statistics. Look for Ping and Packet Loss. Ping should be less than 250ms, but you may be able to use SL with higher values. I've accomplished tasks with ping bouncing to 5,000ms. It is horrible but possible. Packet Loss should be 0%. Anything higher is a problem. The higher the ping the more serious the packet loss. With low ping your viewer can often deal with some packet lost. If you ping or packet loss is high restart the modem and your computer. Recheck. If it is still high check your connection with SpeedTest.net. If the connection is the problem, talk to your ISP.

While looking at the viewer stats, look at Time Dilation (TD) and Physics FPS. TD should be 1.0. It is common to see this varying between 0.9 and 1.0. Below 0.9 the region is slowing down because the server is having trouble keeping up. Physics FPS should be 40 to 45 FPS. Below that the server is lagging. If the region is laggy move to another region.

If those are not a problem, it may be inventory cache corruption. Travel to a deserted region. Any place without other avatars and as little stuff as possible is ideal. Once there clear the cache Me->Preferences->Advanced->Clear Cache. Logout and log back in to the Last Location. Open the Inventory and let it reload. Stay in the region until it completes. If the download slows type letters into the Inventory Search to speed it up. Then try moving the animation.

One of the basic steps in setting up a Chimera is rezzing it to the ground or a table. Some Chimeras are invisible or have an invisible state. Press Ctrl-Alt-T to be able to see it.

Also it can be confusing when your Chimera suddenly goes no-mod. Don't worry about that. If you put a no-mod animation in the Chimera, that will happen. The Chimera itself did not go no-mod. You can still make the changes you need to make. But, only while it is rezzed to the ground. While in inventory or while worn the no-mod will be a problem.

If you are using the Viewer 2 style Outfits, avoid getting the Chimera in as part of the Outfit. It is supposed to work. But, if you use the entry for the Chimera in Outfits to try and work with it, your using an 'item link' and playing in a new part of the viewer that is not well tested. Problems are likely. Use the SHOW ORIGINAL option in Outfits to get to the real item in inventory.

If none of these fix the problem, there may be an actual problem with the animation. In such a case it is usually a problem in the asset servers. That is why we wait and try again as the problem clears with time. But, if the problem is really a corruption in the asset server the only fix is to replace the animation to get the right asset information.

If none of the answers are helping, we need to know more to make better suggestions. In the viewer click Help->About and paste in the info there. Also, give us the name of the Chimera's maker. You can edit the Chimera and look at the proerties of the scripts to get the makers name.

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