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Mesh physics.

Spirit Osmus
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Hello all. I have one little problem and I hope you can help me with that )) lol


As all Second Life creators, I ll start worked with mesh. After tired work I create one simple pants. I use Zbrush 4 and Zsculpty plugin to create it in Collada. So, when I upload it, and as usual atach to my ava I see that it wasnt dynamic at all. I mean no physics. So, it t don't bend at the knees.

I try to find somethimg about at Second life wiki and at the forum, but I still dont understand how I can do that dynamic with my ava.


May be somebodys know what I do wrong.


Thanks )

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Thanks )) But )) I feel myself stupid lol) But in 2.49 in parent I need choose "armature" in 2.59 I've got 1. Objec 2. Deform Armature 2.1 With empty group 2.2 With envelope weights 2.3 with automatic weights 2.4 Bone.

I have so so result only if choose With automatic weights, but after I push apply and export it in collada and also upload in sl I havent result at all((((

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So, Ater a full day of torment , I find my own way for ridding my first pants )) lol ))

At first I installed Blender 2.49 ( it was some troubles with new video drivers), I create all there and find problem with collada 1.4. When I cant fix it I save my scene un .blend and open in Blender 2.59, where save it in collada, and have the result )) YAAAY !! )))

To Phoenix Steampunk  a lot of thanks for all help ))))

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