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Griefer Hate Speech and Commandeering My Land

kurt7D8 Avon
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     I didn't want to cross post, but some on General Forum suggested I post here too.





I need help neutralizing a griefer. 5/8 of my parcels are compromised and useless. Most of my monthly tier money is for nothing . . . I am paying 1/8 sim.


G. uses 4 nearby conversation windows that fill 1/3 of my display with following:



G. introduces extreme lag. I have to use Mac Snow Leopard Force Quit to shut down SL. Inputs (mouse, keyboard) are nearly useless.


G. has commandeered my About Land Objects, Sounds and Access. G. has given permission to edit terrain, object entry, run scripts, allow public access. G. has GREYED out all my menus and blocked my access.


Since I have 8 parcels, I have 8 About Land configs. On some, I can access About Land and clear a menu. But it doesn't matter. G. can toggle my settings on and off. Even if all my menu settings are good and G. is present by virtue of the GRIEFER dialog boxes, I must Force Quit SL anyway.


The extreme lag problem is caused by the G. and is not on my end. Above GL in my sky structures I have no issues. In 2 parcels on GL, no issues.


I cannot report abuse. There's no way to access G's identity.


For a coder who's been in-world a few years, I'm happy to pay a L$ fee to neutralize . . . Search for: kurt7D8 avon and IM me. Need some privacy. We'll work something out, and I'll give you permissions – IF I can.


Or, if I'm missing something obvious, let me know, and I'll do it.


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If it were estate land, I'd tell you to: 1. Login with Phoenix. 2. Click the name of the shouting object in local chat to see its owner. 3. Turn off scripts in the region. 4. Do a return all for objects by that owner in the region. 5. Wait 5 minutes for the object return to effect. 6. Turn scripts back on and enjoy a grief-free day.

But it sounds like its mainland, in which case, do steps 1 and 2, then mute the resident whose name you find, then turn on show transparent and search until you find the objects. Then AR them.

If the objects are actually on your land (more likely just outside it) you could teleport up to 4000 meters where they won't lag you (say 'gth 4000' in local chat, but see step #1 first) and use about land to return objects that aren't yours.

No object can mess with the land settings the way you describe. Possibly lag induced by the chat spam prevents your client from accurately displaying about land settings.

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