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Gnash Graves

Adult Club Looking For Dancers, Hosts and Assistant Manager

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The Cavern Club is Over 3 years Old, and well established as a dark, primal place to have fun and work. Our Design is Very Unique and we are not your run of the mill "box" club. The Club is attached to the Supreme Beast  Cavern Adult Playground area which caters to Furries, Beasts, Demons, Monsters... and BDSM fetish roleplay. Preferred experience in and tolerance of these Tastes is Suggested.  Our hope is that you would not only dance, but role play into these scenes as well.  We are a friendly eclectic group of online personas - who have been known to at times get wild and crazy playing!! Our musical tastes lean towards hard rock and heavy metal.

Beast Island is an Adult Themed Environment, and home to a close knit family and circle of friends..whose Demonic roleplay and deviant behaviors are welcomed openly amongst our group. We Also are Home to a Role Playing Castle.. The Somewhere between Heaven & Hell Skycastle Art Gallery, The Beast Cavern & Club, A Large Public Dungeon and a Fetish Mall, A Lazy River & Lagoon and the Forced Forest for Capture/Prey Roleplay, all accessable by teleporter.

We are open to the Public with the understanding that Guests are simply that... "Guests"  who are Visitors, whom should be polite and should treat Any Somewhere Between Heaven & Hell group members And Cavern Club Staff with respect Including My Family. Anyone under the Age of 18 will not be able to Access this Sim (AGE VERIFICATION IS REQUIRED) which has Strong Sexual material and content. We Openly welcome all, Demons, (Fallen) Angels, Monsters, Ferals, Furry, Human-(noids), and all manner of creatures. Our Group Membership is +1400 Members.

(Also we are looking for ONE Experianced Dancer to Hire as a Dance Manager To help hire and train Other dancer staff (Minimum experiance of one year in SL with good references from another Club)



REQUIREMENTS: Avatar Age must be At Least 60 days Old .. No Exceptions. See Below


1)  YOU "" MUST""  BE ABLE TO WORK A MINIMUM OF  ""  ONE "" HOUR PER SHIFT WHEN WORKING - meaning no hopping on a a dance pole for 20-40 minutes then leaving

2) YOU MUST WORK A MINIMUM OF 4 HOURS PER WEEK - EXCLUDING EVENT TIMES - meaning the 2 hours that you spend at an event working doesn't count towards the minimum required

3) YOU "" MUST ""  WORK  "" ONE "" 2 HOUR EVENT  A WEEK - until we hold more European time events concessions will be made for those from the European region.


Applications can be found here: Now Hiring Area :: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Beast%20Island/179/215/257


If You Want A fun Place to "play" and earn Lindens doing what you Love? Then The Supreme Beast Cavern Club is The Place to Work!  We are Always hiring Dancers, Entertainers, House Slaves,  also looking for Floor Managers, Escorts, Dj's and Event Coordinators.

Beast Island…..located somewhere between heaven and hell. Your favorite primal place to come and play . Unleash your inner beast in the Beast Cavern, with an erotic steam cave, the lava pit.. or the tentacle cave. Enjoy the many playgrounds we offer like the forced forest, and the lazy river and lagoon Or our sky castle dungeon, fully stocked with your favorite toys.

The Supreme Beast fetish mall has many shops to fill your clothing… toys.. and Naughty shopping needs located here on Beast Island and adjacent to the Lazy lagoon party deck where many fun and exciting events are held

Explore the Sky castle art gallery with hundreds of Unique artworks available for purchase. Join us for our Nightly events in the Supreme Beast Cavern Club, with Live DJ’s  … hot Dancers and fun Contests.  Unleash your Inner beast and get in touch with your Wild side.

The Cavern Club_001.png

Lazy Lagoon Party Deck.png



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