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Ban Furry Prejudice.

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I always thought 'avatar prejudice' was idiotic. I mean, we are all pixels in pretend land. His pixels are better than that one's pixels? Gimme a break...

So all my land has been and always will be safe for all avatar types.

At the same time, I have other rules, so that falls into the land owner can pretty much set the rules they want on the land they pay LL for.

It's stupid (to ban based on avatar type*) but basically they have a right to be stupid.


* I'm not counting sims in which realistic roleplay might be offset by certain avatars i.e. a robot avatar not being allowed in a wild west sim etc.


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 You definitely have to be clear about the type of sim it is. I'd not only have no problem with RP sims having certain appearance requirements, but I'd expect and in many places encourage it.

I don't want to go role-play in the Space Opera universe of Frank Herbert's Dune and find most of the players there are cartoon animal people.

 I don't want to go to a Star Fox themed role-playing sim and find most of the people there are 8' tall human space marines with maxed out muscle sliders and guns larger than an Arwing strapped to their back.

 Theme is important to RP sims.


 Outside of RP sims, and themed clubs, then it's just weird. Why would you want to exclude anyone from shopping at your store just because of the avatar they wear?

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I have to disagree with you.

I like furries.  Most interactions that I have with them have been quite pleasant.  I think that it is a shame that someone would get bounced from somewhere just because they like being a furry.

But despite that, I support the sim owner's right to run their sim the way they see fit.  They pay the tier, they can be a jerk if they want to be.

There are plenty of perfectly valid reasons to have a dress code or other restrictions on a sim that have nothing to do with being a jerk.  Many others have brought those up.  Whether or not there is a "valid" reason does not matter.  The person who pays the tier makes the rules.  These people are why there is a SL at all for the rest of us freeloaders.  If you don't like their particular patch of SL, move on to the next.  SL is a big place.  You will find plenty of places that are furry friendly or just friendly in general.  One can choose to focus on where they can go and have a fun time or they can choose to focus on those places where they can't. 

Now your call to end undue prejudice for furries is almost laudable.  A call for open-mindedness would be welcome.  Your call to ammend the TOS to impose open-mindedness is not. 

Invoking the constitution over "Furry Rights" is just laughable.  Many people fought and died to make that constitution real.  Many others paid the price to keep it alive.  Still more suffered and died in the civil rights struggles that made the dream of true equality so much closer to becoming true.  Because of their sacrifices, you aren't going to be herded up and tossed in a prision or executed because you choose to be different than the norm.  I do apologize on their behalf that you still have to endure the occasional snub.   If only they had done their jobs better, or worked a bit harder, or sacrificed more the freedoms we now enjoy would be complete enough to suit you. 







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A lot of people are talking about RP sims, but no one has mentioned... um... shall I say... adult entertainment establishments.  Many of those prefer a certain type of clientele (namely human and sometimes of a specific gender), which is well within their rights as a land owner.  Doesn't make it right or wrong... that's just how it is. 

I was going to say more but I believe everything else has been covered more than once, so I shall refrain.


Edited to change a few words.

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That's why I mentioned themed clubs, adult or not.


 People have the right to set the theme for their land no matter what it is and enforce it as they see fit. There's plenty of justifiable reasons to do this that don't include any malicious persecution.


 I personally participate in a lot of sims where my usual cow-girl self really doesn't fit in. So I change my avatar to fit the theme or use an alt specifically for that RP sim. I support the reasons for these sim rules even tho it prevents me from being "myself".

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Any furries are welcome to hang out at my sim (The LOLO) all day every day if you want.

No discrimination here.

Seriously... count the natural spaces, campgrounds, hotsprings, undersea parks, etc, all around my sim as your own private chilling spot, I got tons of open space all around to relax in & nobody will bother you (the whole sim is usually pretty empty aside from people popping in & out of my pet shop). I've set it up just how I would like to live in real life.

Lots & lots of nature. Mother Nature is free to us all usually :)

My home is your home & unless you are disruptive & bothering others you'll always be accepted here.

I've never met a furry who wasn't just friendly & nice so I can't see any problems.

No need to feel lost or displaced in SL.

Pass the word.


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I will play devil's advocate here.

I only allow Female Human Avatars in my club. Why? because I had a vision of what I wanted to create and what I wanted to achieve.  I do discriminate, but I do so faily accross the board, robots, aliens males and furries are equally disrciminated against, heehee.

It took me three weeks to build my club and get it the way I want it, countless more months and thousands of Lindens will be spent to promote it and to get the sort of clientelle that I desire.  For you however it will take 2 seconds to change your avy to fit in with the rules, and will propably cost you nothing.  So if you so badly desire to enter a sim where your avy is not allowed, why not put on your big boy pants, and prove that you're the bigger person by abiding by the rules the sim owners have put in place?

How owners go about banning users are up to them, personally I don't often ban, in fact I have never had the need to ban someone.  I politely state my rules and ask them to either adhere or leave, most leave, and personally it does not bother me one little bit, because just like I have the choice to enforce my rules, so too do they have the choice to leave because of it.

These militant calls to arms to BAN!! whatever practices does not mesh with an individual user is a very narrow minded one sided stance to take, especially in a world like SL that affords one so much freedom, in so many forms

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Most, if not all, newbies who land in a club for the first time have no idea there are rules of any sort so a polite message in IM is entirely appropriate and, really, the kindest thing to do.  We want new residents to be happy in SL and stick around.  We should grant all residents, new and old alike, the benefit of the doubt and treat them as they are in RL, a fellow human being with thoughts and feelings just like our own.

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We never ban anyone just for being a furry, the only direct bans we allow are when people misbehave and break rules in an extreme way and whos acts are against the ToS.

Before visitors make it even into the sim they pass several signs, receive chat messages,  IM's and blue pop up screens they have to click to close.

So by the time they get passed the teleport area they rarely have a valid excuse for still breaking our sims rules.

And even if they do we still generally warn them trough IM's.

If they don't reply we rarely ban, we usually freeze and if need be eject.

They are always welcome to return and try again.

BUT the problem with some of the modern viewers or settings is that IM's are often easily overlooked.

Little blinking tab in the bottom of your screen in stead of a pop up window.

Sometimes this causes problems because they don't realise we're trying to reach them.

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SOme people are really turned off by Furries.  What do you think gives you the right to get in thier face? 

THere are lots and lots of places to go in SL where furries are welcome.  If some people choose to ban something that they find offensive to themselves, go somewhere else and deal with it.


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Greene Paine wrote:

My thinking is that places ban furries (especially RP sims) to achieve a certain level of atmosphere and environment. For example on an old west sim lots of groups other than furries are banned. So are robots, cars, aliens, wookies, etc... They even do this in fancy real life clubs where there is a certain dress code.

Imagine if this law were implemented in the USA and no sub culture could be banned from -anything-. You'd have people in
cow suits working at banks
, cavemen serving your McDonalds, Darth Vader in your romantic comedy movies. OH THE INSANITY!!!

Or in the words of John Lennon, "Imagine allllll the peopleeee -and furries- living life living life in peace."


(because we really needed to cover all the bases...)




You are not actually an anthropomorhic animal*, you are a person wearing a costume... a costume is a form of dress. dress codes are allowable, whether stated or not (remember all SL property is private property). The reasons can be reasonable, but they don't have to be... some people are just jerks... avoid them.


*yes techincaly humans are anthro primates, lets not go there today, ok?

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Oh, a shop? Dime a dozen. If the shop owner wants to screw over potential customers with a rule like that, it's his ruin, ESPECIALLY if he's gonna participate in any hunts. I see a LOT of furries when I do a hunt. I think it's because a decent furry avatar costs a bit, so they have to go on the cheap to put clothes on it.

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Jo Yardley wrote:

We've had a few Doctor Who's visit us, but we treat him just as a little unusual visitor from England

As long as they wear proper clothing (Dr Who usually does) and if they set the Tardis to invisible

Lol! That is a very creative solution. :)

(And there was actually an episode in which he was an English schoolteacher...but I digress. :) )

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The Doctor rarely causes problems, i think he looked like someone who would not have stand out much in almost all decades of the 20th century in most series.

But the friends he sometimes brings... mind you that makes me shout at the tv as well hehehe.

"OH look there is a man in Victorian London.... and he is walking around with a half naked tart who has no idea of proper etiquette! She should be arrested!"

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I have run into the same problem being a furry on SL. The biggest issue for me is that I am not allowed to go ballroom dancing. I wish that I could but because I can't,  I just put on a human avatar.  My mate on here had to do the same. It is frustrating and I agree with you on that. I think that there should be more options available for everyone but the fact of the matter is that there are not. But if you think about it...there are sims out there that do not allow human avatars also.  Does that mean there is prejudices against humans too? I shapeshift between furry, demon, neko and human so that I dont have to deal with it and can bypass the rules of the sims. But if we implimented that all furries should be allowed everywhere then we would also have to allow all sims to allow child avatars.  And then everything would go haywire. Then sex wouldnt be allowed in public places(if you are into that) as well as other complications. And yes I agree that the owners of the sims should be allowed to say who can or cannot be there.  I know if I had a sim I would allow furs, nekos, humans, demons, etc but I wouldnt allow child avatars there.  Is that unconstitutional?

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