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Login failed, region has begun logout process.

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I don't mean to sound like a noob but what does this mean?

I got it a few times last night and once today (so far).

At first I thought the viewer crashed because it just closed without any warning, but there was no windows error report thing so I guessed it wasn't a crash.

And when I try to log in to my last location I get that error message.

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Ok thanks.

So the viewer can crash without Windows saying it crashed?

I haven't had many program crashes since I bought this computer but every time I did I got the error reporting popup thing.

Your answer helped some but added a little more confusion as well.

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It could be due to lost/bad connections with SL.... it is VERY touchy when you start losing packets of information. If you lose a reliable connection, the Viewer will usually terminate itself (not sure if it's a genuine crash or a "feature").

Something worth trying is turning off HTTP prefetching (I can't remember the specific name of it - I am not at home to look this up on my viewer) - do a forum search for it, has been mentioned plenty of times.... basically, it's multi-threaded texture downloading to your viewer, and something that has caused me drop-out issues with my crappy connection. It might also help reduce your log-out rates too.


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you often get that after crashing the SL or third party viewers used to bring up a crash logger which would send crash reports to LL but they don't seem to anymore as far as i can remember when the viewer crashed it never bought up the windows error report not unless you had to force close it via task manager all the message means is the sim you were in when you crashed is logging out your av give it a minute or two it will log you back in

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I'm using Singularity Viewer, as it seems to work best for me.

The only http settings I can seem to find are under the debug settings they are,

httpMaxRequests which is set at 32 (I assume by default)

HTTPMinRequests which is set at 2

HTTPRequestRate which is set at 30 seconds

ImagePipelineUseHTTP which is set to true

Might one of those be it?


*Ok after searching for the wrong words in the search *slaps head*  I think I found something.


States that httpMaxRequests should be set low, so I'll try halving the number and go from there.

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Change httpMaxRequests to 16 or 8. Phoenix Viewer has a section that discussses the setting. Search their wiki. I'm being lazy and not looking to see if Singularity has a wiki... and I don;t remember... so you might check.

There have been problems with the routing to SL's utility servers. I think they have that fixed. But, we could still see problems during heavy load. So, you might try setting ImagePipelineUseHTTP to false. I think this is the typical HTTP Texture Get in most viewers. Turning it off reverts you to the older UDP texture fetch process and a different router path to those assets.

Singularity is a good viewer. So, it is unlikly it is the problem. You can ask in the in-world group for Singularity. I'm not logged in right now so I can't give you the name. Search groups using Singularity. You'll find it. Jump in chat and ask. Someone will probably answer. Also, if your polite and avoid slamming Phoenix, you can ask in the Phoenix group and someone there will likely help. The majority of people there are helpful.

Some viewers crash on exit and leave processes running. You won't notice a problem until you next login. Try restarting the computer and then login.

The Region Logout process means that SL thinks you are still logged in. Since you are now trying to login they realize there is a problem. So, they log you out. Give it 30 to 60 and try again. If you want to know more about these problems read: I Can’t Login. You'll learn about some of the more complex problems that popup and prevent your logging in. Fortunately they are rare.

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Please help me as fast as possible, I'm needing to log into my account I have businessto discuss, I have to feed animals

  • My account says that "unable to simulator" not possible to login, already sent tiket ...
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Thanks everyone for your help, the crashes aren't completely gone but they are greatly reduced.

This is why I hate BellSouth "fast access" DSL.

In a about 10 days or so AT&T is coming to hook me up with UVerse so with better internet maybe the problem will vanish all together.

Pllinia, I wish I could be of some help but I'm in not much of a better boat than you.

I hope these nice people can help you out. 

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Pllinia wrote:

help me
as fast as possible
, I
'm needing
to log
into my account
I have
to discuss,
I have
to feed

  • My account
    says that
    "unable to
    " not
    possible to login

Try logging into a different location. If that doesn`t work, check your connection, reboot & reset your router.

You can also get that error message if you have an active group tag that has unusual characters in it & if that is the problem it is harder to fix. Depending whose group it is, you can login with an alt and try to get your tag fixed or get you kicked out of the group, but if you can`t fix it yourself, you will need to contact LL to do it for you.

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 3530 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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