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Favorite Songs with Female Names....

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Here are a few of mine to start off with, and I'm adding Valerie in there for Valerie... hope you feel better soon, Valerie!  Hope you enjoy The Monkees singing Valleri to you! 

Crenshaw:  Perfectly Crafted Pop Song!  (words plagarized by me from a You Tube poster.  Those four words sum up Crenshaw for me:  Perfectly Crafted Pop Song!

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Maria, Maria by Carlos Santana, featuring some rapper guy with a weird and nonetheless forgettable name. I guess this hit single would also be a candidate for the Song Graveyard thread, as much as I love Santana's guitar work on this track:

This one's a classic. A classic Roman name, that is :) Octavia by Bruce Dickinson.

Jethro Tull's poor little Cross-Eyed Mary:

The last two are a bit tongue-in-cheek, or perhaps tongue-in... erm... nevermind. Darling Nikki and (The Ballad of) Chasey Lain:

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OMG, I never heard of this at Wembley Stadium, and yes it's on Amazon and soon will be mine, as soon as I get a copy that is!

Let's see of the ones listed so far that I have heard so far:  Love anything Neil Young just about, love anything Santana (incredible guitarist) just about.  Other songs I've heard and loved listed here:  My Sharronna, Roxanne, Alison (love Elvis Costello, haven't heard one song by him on SL yet), Layla, Whole Lotta Rosie. Those are some I've heard and can concur they are great songs! 

The rest I'll listen too over lunch!  (Haven't heard Veronica yet 'cuz Gypsy and I posted at the same time!)

I heard "Melinda" by Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers last night and I was like that is one incredible song!  I'd heard Melinda before, but last night it really hit me like this is one incredible song and made me think of songs with female names, as I thought there weren't too many at first, but there are a lot, which is surprising to me.  I never realized it before that there were so many, and thanks Lynda for the list.  I'm like, that's a lot!  I gotta get the Foo-Fighters at Wembley for sure though, and soon! 

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