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Chelsea Malibu

Step In Marketplace Staff, here is what we merchants would like to see

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It's been mentioned many many times that right now the sole priority of the Marketplace Dev Team is Direct Delivery. While I still have a difficult time accepting that the entirety of resources available to Marketplace can be completely dedicated to one specific project .. accept it I must. But that of course raises a very important point:

What comes next?

Unless the entire team receives pink slips the instant DD is released, there will be a work force suddenly unencumbered by an ongoing project. With the amount of time DD is taking, I am left believing that the depth of their immersion in SLM functionality and implementation specifics must be rather extensive. Thus they become an incredibly valuable and (potentially) valuable resource ... and a resource with no clearly defined priority list.

We've all raised numerous requests, demands, suggestions and enhancements that we feel would benefit both the shopper and seller sides of SLM. But to date we have no clearly stated path beyond DD. So here is my request:

Dear Brooke,

We recognize and accept that at the present time your staff is 110% dedicated toward the full and complete implementation of Direct Delivery. During this time, we feel the opportunity is ripe for you and your planning staff to begin laying out the next steps that will be undertaken to bring Marketplace into closer compliance with the level of excellence and operation that we know it can achieve.

To this end, we respectfully request that you create and post an "Issue List" of the projects and tasks planned for the next stages of development. We further request that you post this list with the intention of allowing both Merchants and Customers to engage in discussion and exploration of these issues in order to provide the best, most comprehensive feedback possible. We feel that by opening these plans up to your customers at this stage will allow us all to contribute at the most beneficial levels possible, providing not only highly focused and incredibly valuable input but also aid in discovering and exploring these issues at a level that will result in them reaching release with the absolute maximum in customer acceptanace and understanding.

We are not asking that Linden Lab divulge proprietary information, and we do understand that such things as corporate plans and goals can easily fall within that realm. However we feel that by outlining and formalizing the many valuable suggestions and ideas contributed both here and in the many other forms of feedback provided, both Linden Lab and the Residents of Second Life will be able to work as partners and both realize a completion that is amicable and mutually beneficial.


(Just me for starters but .. if anyone else wants to sign up then please add your signat in a reply)

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Decisions about how to run my business depend on the plans for further development of the marketplace.

For example: I have three different brands. More then a year ago Grant promised that there would be a future option for one avatar to have several shops for several brands.
When I had to relist everything for the change from Xstreet to marketplace, I choose not to work with alts that hold different brands, but let all my merchandise on my main avatar. Now with this DD delivery it looks like I have to re-organise my selling system again.

Again I'm at a point that I consider to use two alts for two of my brand. Because it's not shopper friendly when you have your marketplace store cluthered with merchandise that appeals to different target groups. It isn't good for the image building of your brands either.

But I have not enough information to make a well weighted decision. I don't know if 'one merchants - more shops' is still on the to do list of the marketplace team. And if it is still planned for the future... what does future mean? Future can be a few months or a few years.

I prefer to have all my merchandise on one avatar. I very seldom use an alt. But maybe I just must step over this, and start to work with alts to be able to have different shops for my brands. If I only knew what the plans were, and a rough time line... it would be more easy to make a decision.



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Chelsea Malibu wrote:


3. Freebie and almost freebie items not showing up under relevance.  In fact, anything 25L or below should have it's own area and not be in the general filter.


I notice the excact opposite with default display of relevance and best selling order. There are pages upon pages of freebies and semi freebies and then at page 20 the real products finally start to appear. The exception is the very first page where you do still see a few products with a price tag. Atm SLM category display is messed as bad the first beta months of SLM.


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