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Orientation Island now a kicking arena?

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BellaRoche wrote:

I was griefed on Orientation Island tonight by Pinkiepie143, brooklyn and matt and it was pretty bad, even though I told them I was ARing them for the assault, harrassment and cussing on voice on a PG Sim they laughed and said that LL's would not do a thing to them, as they have been reported many times and LL does NOTHING!  So from what I gather they do this on a daily basis and LL does nothing even though the AR's get sent in and it seems that LL doesnt give a a damn about what is happening on thier welcome islands, and pretty much ignores it.  I was pushed around, sent flying by an object that they had on called a "Goldy Bumper" and it works even if push is restricted.  


I would not come back into SL if I was treated that way the first time I logged in and if LL's wants to continue to get new users they really need to "police" their welcome areas.  There was one person with the bumper on and he was hitting everyone that was entering and that were already there, and he would sit on them or push them all over and it was overkill if  you ask me.


It was also said that LL cares more about making money then putting an end to griefers and doing something about it!  If this continues I will have to reconcider logging in again!

a lot of AR's  fail because emotion is used in them rather than as much detail as possible..the more details you can add the more they can pinpoint and take care of the problem...emotions just take up space in the AR..

that and making sure to be using the right catagory..

not saying this is why yours may have been just saying it happens a lot..

also a lot of times they are not instant and can take a little while for them to get handled..

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