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Community Tools UG 8/18/11 Chat Log Transcript

Peewee Musytari
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Now I'm confused.

What does it mean when a red line is draw across an event on the schedule for the day at the user group calander? I thought it meant the meeting is canceled.

I just looked again and the red line moved to the next meeting. Let me guess, the red line that looks like it is a strikethrough is supposed to mean the meeting is happening now? Just brilliant.

I had to tell a Resident to look in Answers if they had a Question. It is painful to actually have to suggest it... now I'm ranting. Ok, I'm displeased that I was unable to attend.  



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Ahh that would explain why it was so quiet, I didn`t see any red line, I just went because it was the right day, but right up until the last minute there was just me & Torben there and we did wonder if it was cancelled. Then 3 more people & Jeremy showed up.

As you can see you didn`t miss any important decisions, was nice chatting with Jeremy for an hour & the mysterious picture of the day on the blog was quite intriguing lol

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