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Anyone quit RL so they can play SL more?

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Thanks for all responses so far. I knew charlotte must say something strange and light hearted...this avatar seems to do this.

Ah, I know this makes my post sound much more like a joke...but, yeah...maybe there are some undead posting tonight! Zombies or whatever...maybe a few necromancers might have offered their services for those wishing to know how...this could have been a life changing....well, life change event! Now, we have the illusion broken! We are left fragile and alone and facing our mortality....now I know Void must be a women behind the avatar! They have this power....so I have heard!! Ok, joking and you are right...of course....I mean, using a strict definition.

And I agree you can't really be a life in SL and say that your mind is emersed...so, no taxes in yoru country or even laws lol. Oh, I remember complaining at a debate thingy they used to hold at some place...that was crazy. transhumanism....sort o like, if you make a cloud server then you are not in any country at once...so you can like make an army of your own and do anything yo uwant...as long as it is all virtual. Any money you have and use to keep your life interesting....well, no taxes or counntry to claim it thiers. I mean, if you get an island and fill it with servers and people to run them...you have a point then, IF you can get other countries to agree to recognize, viola...you have a country!

But, I guess I mean in the sort of slang way. Some people say "Get a life!" and then it is like...well, some might think "Wow, I need to totally get a second life and forget the first one, not try it again!" and then work, play and love here...no need for any RL ID based interaction and all fictional characters played by people who, of course, are RL based...but sort of not really having a "life" and well....yeah, I argued you can't have a seperate SL as a country based on that countries are about physical life and even the servers must physically exist....at least at this time. Anything beyond physical based life would totally not be governable and if they zipped themselves into this new existance...well, no tax man would find them!

But, yeah...if anyone is like a vampire...well, heck...they might have RP'd how it all happened and played dumb as to knowing what RL means! Not many necromancers in Sl to help us out with that, usually you just get sent home...rare to die in SL..I mean, from an RP stand point....BUT, then again that is a mix up of identities because RP characters DO die and people come back and RP a new character, right? Hhhm...more complex than I thought.

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In SL you can see the dappled sunlight, but you can't feel it.

In RL you can feel the pain and see the scars.

In SL you can be in love, but that person can't warm you when you're cold or tickle you when you turn your back.

In RL you can't be over 6 foot tall and stunning (usually).

Both have their qualities, but I know from experience that too much absorption in SL causes lots of pain, because however you see it, the person next to you sees it differently.

Both are  fun though :D

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I've even invested in a vuzix head mounted display so I can walk around in mouselook 

if I could find a way to afford one and connect it to SL I'd get a full body tactile feedback suit   and those virtual reality devices that simulate taste and smell (yes they have those) and just live in SL full time

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 3702 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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