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Impromptu Party!

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IMPROMPTU PARTY INVITE:    To Celebrate the SLCC at Oakland / San Francisco Bay Area. 

Time:  10 pm SLT Saturday Aug 13th, 2011

Location: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Drawbridge/49/174/73/

Hello, <insert name here> , you've been selected from a very exclusive list of SL residents that includes my friends, acquaintances, forumites,  frenemies, and those random people who try to chat me up.* 

This hastily tossed together party will feature fabulous exclusive activities, (which are still being decided upon at this time)....But!...there will be at least the following:

1)  Runaway Streetcars!  Streetcar rides into the unknown...

2)  Sailing scavenger hunt, with sailboats provided, and prizes! **

3) Canal Boat rides at the next-door neighbor's place (Beautiful Canal du Midi from the South of France)

4)  Dunktank***

5)  Suicide Jump****   For those that dare! 

6)  Dance Balls...the ever popular and ubiquitous social activity of SL.  There will be a lovely area for dancing, and both couples and singles dancing.  Also, a Chimera dance ball for those that wish to dance in the SL-avatar chorus line.

7) Music*****

8)  Places to sit and talk, moonlight stroll paths...and..maybe...a teleporter to skyboxes that have..ahem.. "animations"... ; )

*Ok, I didn't really invite the chat-me-up random strangers.  Sheesh. 

** There will be great little take-home sailboats that you can use later for any sailing in SL.  (Your prize is a hunt well-done and admiration of all)

*** For those that wish to partake in this lowbrow excuse to have a wet T-shirt...and those who may self-identify as a frenemy and who wish to dunk me instead of dance with me  ; )

****Note to those sensitive souls who may be offended by this activity and/or want to tell me that their cat committed suicide...sob, sob..and so on :  "Laughing!  Seriously?! "

***** Well...not really.  There *will* be music if each of you either chooses to listen to my streaming music or you play your own music on your computer. 

Thanks to *Anonymous* for the initial party concept and activities.  Kudos to James aka Nemo for helping search the SL marketplace.  Warm thanks to Randall Ahren for providing SL with the Trolley and sailboats. 

Cheers, Celestiall Nightfire

Note: Do not arrive early, as there is nothing on that land before the party starts.  Seriously.  

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 4065 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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