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Fran Frankel

How much script time does a sim have available and at what point does it get to lagging?

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The Top Scripts report in Region/Estate is a snapshot.  It tells you how much script time is being used by each script on the list at the precise second when you clicked the button.  If you have a vendor script that is sitting there, waiting for someone to click it, for example, it is idling and probably using about 0.002ms of script time.  That same script might be using 0.020ms or more at the precise instant when you call on it to accept payment, send the purchased object, IM the owner, update its internal records, and thank the buyer.  If that same script were all by itself in an empty sim and you were watching the stats bar (CTRL + Shift + 1), you would see the sim's script activity jump from 0.002ms, spike at 0.020ms, and drop back down again.  The stats bar, in other words, is a dynamic summary of what all scripts in the sim are using.  It bounces up and down as each of the individual scripts in the sim is going about its business.  That's also why you would normally expect the stats bar to show a higher number than the snapshot in Top Scripts.

Now, script time in a sim usually runs below 20ms, but it can be higher.  In the pecking order for the server's attention, scripts come last.  They get whatever is left over after the servers are done handling textures and communications, and dealing with asset issues and sim physics.  If you are standing there frozen, and if it's because of something in the sim (as opposed to something on your own computer, like your anti-virus program), then it's usually because the servers are overly busy moving and rezzing things and managing communications.  Scripts probably aren't stalling the sim; the sim is stalling the scripts at that point.

You'll get a much better technical answer if you repost this question in the Scripting forum.

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 3284 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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