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A dire Warning to LL ! Ditch the freebies from SLM or face guaranteed Demise..


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I am not going to debate my forecast but I am 100% sure that unless the free items and those of less than 10L (i.e free to list) items get shoved on a sub site and removed from the main marketplace, the economy of SL wil tank.


Allowing non paying members to flood the market with freebies and underpriced items that undermine the economic wellbeing of the paying customers and the company (LL) will absolutely cause a melt down before you know it.


If you allow non paying customers to snake you and operate below your commission threshold while at the same time allowing those same items to dominate your relevant searches throughout the market, you are committing Suicide..


Since the last change I have seen a solid Drop of sales that is consistant with each instance of somebody fixing the search that moves all the stale old, cheap and free items to the forefront of all that can be found...


Once you get rid of or learn how to control the merchants who are taking advantage of you and gaming your system to the point of causing serious damage to the future of your game and company, we can address the lack of demand for Land...



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It appears that they have removed the weighting for price where before, the higher the price the higher it's relevance.

I didn't agree with that either as it favored higher price items which in turn, forced us to raise our prices.  My ceiling fans first sold for 200L.  I raised the prices so that I would move up in the ranking and had to be a few lindens higher than my competitors to get better ranking.  That was bad too.

As someone who rarely sides with the Lab Rats, I have to say on this one that I don't really see any alternate.  I've run searches over and over during the past few days and the pricing seems to have no relevance in my category, its just random.  0L, 10L and 599L items all mixed in together.

I'm not sure what the answer is or how to be fair to everyone however, I am not seeing this as the end of SL commerce as you do.

BTW, we also thought that free accounts would destroy SL 6 years ago.

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The demise has been pretty well guaranteed at this point anyway, and not by freebies.

So... I'm mostly done changing my 700+ items to freebies before I cash out and walk away.

Of course, they can all be "reviewed" and delisted for being in the correct category as soon as my competitors and/or (other?) Linden alts begin flagging them.

But by the time that process is completed, I expect SL will be pretty irreversibly infected with a more than adequate selection of full permissions copymod rock walls, columns, spheroids and other things.


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this is nothing like free accounts.. free accounts are great for business. The more the merrier. I just do not like the fact that merchants and land owners are dropping like flies because their hard work is being trashed by people who want to only take but not give..  nothing in life is really free..except income from a free SLM store with 3000 items priced at 9L or less..


I just looked at apparel which I have zero interest in to see if my industry is the only one affected, and sure as hell.. of the first page of 96 ..more than half items are priced at 1 L or 0L because there is so much pressure on ALL merchants to drop their price to move units right now.. this is the self destruction I am talking about..

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ah shoot!

skipped TGIF cocktail hour to make the new 9L logo in Gimp.

Calculated that with a featured listing running on 100 9L items...only have to sell 3.569,593 to buy back those pieces of land I just turned in.

Why you gotta be so mean?

it was doable.

Here's what might have happened...

when an item is on that first category page...it sells.  and it sells over and over and over again.

it hits your own store page the next day...and it sells from there over and over and over again.

When they flip a switch or accidentally sit on a switch, and push those freebies to 9L items to front for a few days (not sure how many days it was)....it takes on momentum...

then your regular priced best sellers start dropping down pages.

then they drop from your own first page.

and they keep dropping.

over and over and over again.

(unless all your items are priced high, then you won't notice the 5L  to 25L items swamping your first page - and you won't suspect that the SL economy is crashing)

...and it takes a while to get those best sellers over 25L back up once they flip the switch back.  Probably a few days.

but betcha it's a blast to watch us freak in forum over it.




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Well, if any1 remembers a couple of years ago, when LL proposed the pay to list things. Lots of people freaked out. I also thought it was a very bad idea. But ..... I have always contended that LL should never allow low priced items to ever be at the top of any search results. The vast majority are not good items, it makes LL look bad, and many are just flat out scams.

Now, even extremely large merchants are engaging in these tactics themselves, just to get numbers and traffic. They have no idea how this will eventually hurt themselves.

Oh, and to those that saw my post the other day. My sales have returned back to normal or higher. Why? Cause I'm back at a decent spot in the inworld search engine. This again proves to me, that any decline in my sales has nothing to do with me, my products or anything I have control over. I don't have 1 freebie item in my store, except a catalog, nor do I sell anything for under 25 lindens. I will still be doing exactly what I said I would do, which is spreading my wings and so far, it is working out great.

As for the sky is falling, well it is for some merchants, and others get a boost, granted a boost to them means they made and extra 5 bucks, and they are elated. I've always been sympathetic to the new creators trying to get their foot in the door, and I will always help them with information and some trade secrets, but at this point, I would not be sadden at all if every item 10 lindens or below was dropped completely from the marketplace. Heck, that alone would take out half or more of the scammers. If some1 wants to put thousands of freebies on their own land inworld that they pay for, have at it.

Oh, sorry, I should correct myself, I do sell consumibles for my combat system for 10 lindens, but they are used up and thrown away. Plus, I sell a weapon, that comes free with the hud, for 10 lindens. It is for throwing rocks, and I would gladly raise the price on all of them, if it meant keeping them on the marketplace.

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I'll raise my prices and buy a listing enhancement any time they want to start providing me with a delivery system that works even almost as well as Xstreet did.

I might be hurting some merchants by flooding the market with my freebies. But it's worth that in the short term if it puts any pressure on LL to close the gap between how things work and how they say things work.

If they really want to turn things around, they probably just need to find out who among themselves is up to no good, either because that person is fudging things in order to help a non-LInden account for his own purposes, or because he has been somehow compromised by a disgruntled ex-Linden or other person unsympathetic to the organization.

The first people they should want to investigate are those who are constantly defending them on this forum, thus discouraging the perception that there are real problems that really need to be solved, and soon. If none of these people is actually a LInden alt, there will nonetheless be some other significant connection if they will just take the trouble to look into it.






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Josh Susanto wrote:

I might be hurting some merchants by flooding the market with my freebies. But it's worth that in the short term if it puts any pressure on LL to close the gap between how things work and how they say things work.



I doubt you have any competitors as most of your stuff is unique enough. 

as to the conspiracy theory it does look a lot like somebody is purposely trying to keep the SLM site broken and as soon as it works good for a while they go back and break it more..

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I have recently started to be more open about conspiracy theory, and, so far, this is the only kind of message that has been deleted from this forum, so that, in itself, is an interesting point to consider.

Conspiracy theories are usually said to be the business of people in tinfoil hats who will not even consider the possibility that they could be wrong. But I realize that I could be wrong. The measure of the value of a theory is in how effectively it allows one to predict events as compared to some other theory (some other theory to include a theory that simply says that the first theory is incorrect).

At some point I stopped trying to guess what was going to happen next based on the assumption that Linden failures can all be explained as honest mistakes or incompetence, and started trying to guess what would happen based on the assumption that there's a deliberate trouble-maker at LL; at least a deliberate maker of trouble of certain kinds, which affects certain people in certain ways.

The measure of the value of one assumption over the other lies merely in the fact that the second assumption has made the totality of Linden behavior a lot more intelligible. And, indeed, while I am still surprised by when or how things keep happening, I am no longer surprised by the fact that they happen. 

Lindens are vague about denials and explanations. They evade and ignore legitimate questions that should be very easy for them to answer. And they show a pattern of trying to shift things like blame and suspicion away from Linden Labs and back toward Linden's critics, themselves.

I suppose it's possible that they're not trying to hide anything very interesting. But they behave as if they are, and there are very persuasive signs that there is something worth hiding, even without the current Linden communication style to consider. Every time I jump through a hoop to get back to some more efficient marketing position I've already experienced, there are 2 more hoops. 

By "competition", I don't necessarily mean someone trying to sell very similar things. I mean something that could also be more general or at least less obvious, like someone seeing their listing category increasingly populated by my product (or yours, or whoever's) and believing that this is a hindrance to the exposure of their items, be they very similar or be they merely similar enough to be pushed off the screen by being in the same category.

I also know that some people have considered mesh to come up "unexpectly" (not by me) short in some ways, especially when evaluated side-by-side with comparable sculpt products such as my own. LL, itself, is heavily invested in people's willingness to get excited about mesh products in general, and it's not difficult to form the impression that certain Lindens have a potentially maladaptive fixation on mesh. If they have secret alts, there's no reason to think that those alts would not be trying to promote mesh products right this minute, or that weird "mistakes" at LL, even if they can't directly help generate more demand for mesh, could at least interfere with the continued proliferation of products competing with mesh.

That's just one possible example, though. I don't necessarily think that's the only possible angle on things.

I'm not asking people to subscribe to some collection of claims about what is or is not happening.

You all need to decide for yourselves what seems least unlikely out of the various known possiblities.

What I AM asking people to do is ask themselves, any time something goes wrong in here; "to whom might this turn of events pose some possible advantage?".

Inevitably, you'll be able to think of someone in some kind of position.

Nothing has gone wrong in here yet which has not been of predictable benefit to someone. 

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Currently it is less expensive to have a 0L or 1L item on top of search than buying a feature ad


It's beyond a joke.

I ask you , What other e-commerce site or RL retail shop allows the lowest price products and free products of the lowest quality, to dominate the most important pages, or take up the most important shelf space ?

Good Grief !! 


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The marketplace is a low cost, low risk option to sell loads of items, it's no surprise that prices are tumbling, tier costs are tiny for a marketplace option, rent a few prims from a landlord for next to nothing and away you go.

The marketplace continues to grow, the size of the world is falling, there are bigger issues with the marketplace than freebies and low cost items.

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Ciaran Laval wrote:

The marketplace continues to grow, the size of the world is falling, there are bigger issues with the marketplace than freebies and low cost items.

they are related. The marketplace as it is now has caused the demise of many merchant, as well as virtually eliminated the need for a in world store unless you sell houses for more than a few hundred L$'s.  Most people on the marketplace just look at pretty pictures and click buy on the prettiest ads because the average price of items is falling rapidly so its not a big loss if the product is less than expected.


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  • 8 months later...

before i start i wanna say that its been a long while since i've been in world,
that said,upon returning,i decided to read up a bit first.

this is just my 2 cents,if its worth that :P

please humor me,i can be slow at times,long-winded,and randomess reins freebie, oops i meant freely :)

that said,

i started exploring SL many moons ago,then i've taken a long break,
upon coming back i have to laugh,like really out loud too!
somehow i seen this coming.

when i first joined up,
i was just over excited at all the awesome stuff in world,
shoppers dream :P(oh yes i love my barbie girl)
anywho,back then you could find hardly any shop that sold whole outfits for under $200-$300L
and that wasnt even high end..and freebies were mostly simple stuff and basic to say the least.

there were places like free dove(as example)
where desginer donated freebies they where great quality items

then came the $25 Diva outfits*

like they say you get what you pay for right?

i dont see the orginal designer anymore,kinda funny,
she wasnt the best designer,not even close,
but sometimes she made good stuff,
it was her customer service made me a fan.
i thought she'd surive the wave about to come,guess not

*(the start of ticking freebie bomb)*

i had read posts & blogs back then about $25L Diva,
not that they mentioned the Orginal desgner directly or by name,
but you knew who it was they were talking about

assuming that some content designers were felt a little threaten by the whole "$25L deal"*

someone decided to through out few full perm outfits of better quality,
for few folks and alts to resell at the discount price of,you guessed it $25L

a little competition never hurt anyone*

trying lure customers to their brands & shops
not thinking about what the long term out come would be,
its started a free fall that kick started the freebie chite storm,
yeah i did say chite storm.

now there's just lots and lots of knock-offs,and resellers,pity too
in my opinion thats how the resell/full perm/freebies flood was born,

its never seems to have been mentioned in any of the post i have read on the subject or anything relate
in the forums when there a debate over 0L,1L,10L shops....

then again why bother crying over split milk.

just sayin*

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