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Demographic information about Second Life

Eman Telling
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Linden Labs used to openly report this type of info quarterly in an official report. My link to the report page now takes me back the the general blog forums and that info seems to be no longer available. Keep in mind that even with the "official" reports your demographics info will be automatically faulty as a good number of folks have avatars of both sexes but only "upkeep" one. And there are plenty of people who lie about their age -- in either direction :D.  

Even when the grid was divided into Teen and Regular, I would run across 12 year olds in world. There is no way to get ACTUAL demographics.  The best Linden Labs could really do (and perhaps why this info seems to be no longer available) is to report what people put down when joining. If everyone had to have an actual RL name connected to their account like premium folks, better statistic would be available. But the world would most likely be much smaller too :D.

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