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I love my 1920s Dixi.

Custom made for The 1920s Berlin Project sim, 1:1 realistic scale (so realistic avatars can use it unlike most cars that are made for giants), car horn honks, doors open, seats fold forward, roof opens, can be driven in mouselook and seats 4.

Love it.

I bought it at the Teleportplatz shop, see link below.


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Most cars look good until you drive them. Either their handling is bad or their engine sound is a poor recorded loop. Haru Motors has good looking cars but Prostreet has recently launched their new models and i must say that they come very close to the real deal. Nice engine sounds, even when shifting (also animated) and you can set their handling.

And yes, i love the Model-T too, lol. :manvery-happy:




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Another vote here for Haru Motors! They handle brillianty, they look the biz! Them cars are actually made of sex dont you know?


A small vote for Corse GP's vehicles too. They are more american branded cars and a few motorbikes, but half the price of Harus and still good cars.

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the vette I had custom made.. I am addicted to Cobalt Blue ;)

Love it.. handles great, seats 2.. L$2500...  only problem is its a total Prim Bomb.. 230 if I leave it rezzed out back..so not sure how long it will sit out so I can see it.. prolly till I find something else for the house and need the prims :D



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I was very pleased a couple weeks ago that when I felt like going for a spin, I was able to drive my Dominus Shadow from Mowry out past Waterhead with no trouble.

Fortunately that avoids the problem I had tonight wanting to fly from Mowry to Abbotts -- seems that no matter what route you take, you can't avoid running into a parcel that's "full" and your vehicle is immediately stuck. Grrr...

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I went to all the car shops mentioned in this thread.... All cars seem to be no-mod... One shop had full bright cars. lol

From one shop i found super pretty car. i want it! i want it! So sent IM to the creator and he confirmed that it is really no-mod. So asked him if the car has scripted option to make it temp. Explained him that the car need to be temp so full parcels dont ruin my driving experience. Even gave him line of script. But he is not very good with english and didnt understand me.

The car is so pretty. Cant get it out of my mind. I want it... Went to the store again. Thought to get the car anyway. But luckily checked the script count. 19 scripts. Aaaaargh! Death to all no-mod crap!

i guess i just need to hold my breath and wait till the creator get more skill and update the product.    ...so pretty car...

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I am the CEO of Kustom Klassics, we sell and build custom cars that are high prim and moddable. We sell parts as well. And do custom paint and mods. As for posting pictures, I have hundreds of cars, I wouldn't know were to start lol. We also sell full perm shells if you want to build your own car.

We mostly sell American muscle cars since we have a drag strip on the sim. But we have all kinds of shells available.

And we currently have a buy two get one free deal. Buy any two cars in the same day and you get one free, and you can gift it as well. And I will custom paint any of our cars for 500L. Our cars range from 1000L to 1500L and are moddable and adjustable via a notecard.

And we offer some of the best service in the sl auto industry.

Here is a link to our youtube channel where there are some instructional videos and a video of some qualifying for one our drag races.


If you want more info contact me inworld and I will be happy to show you around the shop and our two sims. Or just do a search for Kustom Klassics. There is also a link in my profile. All our cars and parts are copy/mod, we encourage the vehicle modding culture in sl. Our sim is a sandbox too if you don't have a place to work on your car.

Haru motors is a popular car, but they are fairly limited to what you can do with them once you get them. The top three cars in drag racing right now would be Kustom Klassics, T&S motors (amber) and Raver Designs.

the number one most copy botted cars in sl are the Pro Street and Best Cars from tednerd. Not that he copy bots them, but he gets ripped off the most. Mosts of the freebie cars you see or stolen versions of his cars.

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Nope, not our shop but that is our shell and our track in the background. We do supply shells and parts to lots of car makers though. I can't say for sure if that was obtained legally or not but I can check. His name is familiar but I don't know if its from doing business with him or banning him lol. I will check with the owner, she has records of all of it. In order to get our stuff full perms you have to sign a license agreement stating that you will only use the parts in builds and they have to be no transfer when done.

For 500L I am sure it doesn't have our scripts unless they are the older gen3 scripts which we do sell as a kit.

Thank you for bringing it to my attention though. I will have the owner check it out and if they are not legal we have them removed from the market place. Maybe I will take some pics of some of my cars and put them on my flicker account or something.

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There are a few things that I'd like to build myself in SL.

1. Balloon
2. Boat
3. Bicycle
4. Cars

I've already made the first one and now learning the second one. I will get on to bicycle soon and the car next. After that, I'll post a picture of my car, here. Just you wait... in a few months time... somewhere next year.


BTW, I've been to Vladi Hazelnut's shop. Pretty awesome stuff...

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I have a few 




an EMH Van dubbed the Second  Base Mobile, a Bethillac Impala MK4 for cruising the streets with my homies drinking gin and juice  and a street bike for those illegal street races

of course now that I got a little virtual one on the way I traded them in for a SZYM Entrourage Mommy-mobile



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