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Little Odessa Sim -New Combat Urban Roleplay sim, Diamond Bay....

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Hello! So you have found us! Diamond Bay and Little Odessa Urban Rp and Combat sim. Osiris meter.  Based around NYC’s Little Odessa with the Twin Towers with a taste of urban grunge mixed in. This is a dual sim:  1 estate owned by  1 person. So…we decided to combine a great beach and city for you….with everything you could ever want or need inside. Little Odessa was built from the mind of one woman, for one man out of love by a few greats. DIAMOND BAY         includes gorgeous beach areas, bungalows, sunbathing, an Aussie pub and hammocks. She has a gorgeous sunset in the evening and movies playing, as well as huge events with some of SL &RL’s best DJs every day. The beach is set up for the sexiest of days and sultriest of evenings. Sometimes there is land for sale as well as huge condos and skyboxes – housing for all tastes.  Down the boardwalk are some of the best stores. The smell of sweet perfume, the salty beach air, mixed with suntan lotion and the flavored Bay drinks mingle as one, making the hot nights sizzle on the beach… get to know Diamond Bay and the party crew and have loads of fun. Visit Diamond-Bay.com for more info.

        LITTLE ODESSA        Little Odessa,  a creation from a book. . A vision set forth and a remembrance of 9/11. We put together a spectacular vision with help from a master builder. A few others put in time and effort. Diamond Idlemind as the key.                         

Entering Little Odessa is the Landing Point Safe Zone under the Twin Towers. Above, theater, sex , and chill spots as well as romance, a dinner for two, shopping and visuals with a stunning look out at the beach and city.                                  

Several crews run the city here including the municipal, and there is EVERYTHING. The sim is a combat, urban , lush city sim. Starting at condos, apts, stores, crew HQS, a wild themed BDSM club, a park, billboards that change daily. You also have the urban ghetto area where pizza on a Friday night is a chillspot, markets, news a beautiful bar and loft and the Brothel. Around it is the Jail and above is the sexy jail, the law, seafood market, and a few places to have privacy and relax with a partner. Also a boarding house and church. For those into extremities there is a Dulcette themed building. Remember the bath scene in specific horror movie?  That is totally possible now. The towers have a library where you can get information about many personal topics. You can even use the post office. The hospital also has a site for looking up info. Activities and events are daily, music, and DJ’s.       

The builders have their stuff in portfolios as their work as does the sim owners. Everything is noted and photographed in blueprints. The estate owner is private. We ask that nothing be copied and the sim be respected.  The builders have published their work.

We welcome you to both parcels in the hope you will enjoy both fully.

Syreni Barony.


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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 4317 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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