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What Qualities Do You Desire Most in a Partner or Friend?

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Qualities I desire most in a partner in no particular order, (and I'm fortunate that my partner rates high on all of these except for his occasional propensity to blather on about random topics, making listening difficult for both of us)  :)

Down to earth and easy going



Has a sense of humor, laughs easily and can laugh at himself

Good communicator (talks and listens)



Emotionally available and doesn't require a road map

Sexually creative and responsive


The qualities I desire most in a partner are different than those I look for in a friend, for example I don't care if my friends are romantic.   

Oops, apparently I don't care of my partner is either, it didn't put it on the list.  

I'm tired after deciding on the most desired qualities, so I'll have to pass on the unnatractive and undesireable qualities. Let's just say they're the opposites of the qualities I desire. 











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I have different expectations regarding partners and friends. Here's my list for a partner:

1. Attractive SL avatar

2. Emotionally balanced mind

3. Intelligent brain


As for friends:

1. Dewormed, vaccinated and spayed

2. Shiny coat and healthy teeth

3. Affectionable and friendly character

4. Housebroken and used to indoor life

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Will you be analyzing these data?  I like graphs and tables in color.  If you will not be analyzing the data, what will you do with the responses? 

You may need to provide all respondents with an informed consent to read and sign before the data can be used for analysis.

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this is my desirable qualities, theyre not neccessary, but its good if they are there:

1 intelligence

2 open mind

3 tenderness

4 patience

5 compassion

6 positivism

7 generosity

8 good manners

9 humbleness

10 deepness

this is what turns me off:

1 possessiveness

2 conflictive

3 shallowness

4 prejudice

5 jealousy

thats all i can think by now, probably other characteristics are not so important to me to remember.

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Criterias I desire

1. Not tucking a wife at home
2. Is posessive
3. Is Manly like a Macho Man
4. Is rich in RL or SL
5. Enjoys prison sightseeing & camping in cemeteries
6. Love mutual hate discussions (preferrably in publics)
7. Must owned his own land and built his own house (I don't take moochers maybe a dog or a cat but not a moocher)
8. Must have good puter. I do not accept 'crashing' as a reason to go offline.
9. Must have good hair and skin
10. Must have sexy butt. If you can't wear your pants' well, you ain't going dancing with moi.

Can be overlooked:
1. Read and cites poetries. I have no idea what you are talking about.
2. Sensitive & Caring (please... that's so bleh.. ask any guys in SL, they'll tell you that they are one. I want sumthing different)
3. Friendly and funny (see No. 2)
4. White haired guy (Seems like almost all male avatars in SL are dark haired, Why can't you be one too?)
5. A few lines on the forehead (Get a botox if you must)
6. Shy
7. His chest is covered most times (I mean, we know men love to show their pectorals and all, that's why they go shirtless)
8. Will let you walk first, wait for you so you can walk together, open the doors for you
9. An expert in Gimp & Blender or PS & Maya
10. Likes to Wash the dishes


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Up to ten, that's too many. I can give you a few.



- Must like SL

- Must be independent

- Must be able to dress himself, or have an opinion of what he will look like

- Easy going

- Not jealous

- Must enjoy his own company without going crazy, but also have some friends

- Willing and able to make me his #1 priority sometimes, but not a whimp who can't tell me he is busy 


- But I only logged in so I could be with you! Clingy. I will not be your only reason to log in.

- IMs me before I finished rezzing. Annoying.

- Knows nothing about SL, and is not interested to find out anything. This is worse the older the avatar is.

- Bragging  

- Does not care what he looks like at all. Ruins my fun, I have nothing pretty to look at. 

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Tem Haalan wrote:

If I have twelve in my list of qualities I desire in a partner or friend and only eight in the qualities I find unattractive can I still post or do I have to start my own thread?

Well she mentioned two lists up to ten, which probably means she has room exaactly for that, 20 spots! And since you have 12 and eight, thats 20 and enough to fit in her both lists :P

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Wait...  You have rules for how we have to reply???   I am going to try to come up with 11 qualities just to pass your cap:


1. Sense of humor must be present.

2. Adventurous

3. Confident without being cocky

4. Fair - able to understand other opinions

5.  Open-minded

6. A person who is not a 'project'.  I am not going to 'fix' you.

7. The person must be comfortable with themself

8. Someone who can laugh at or forgive their mistakes and mine

9. A nice looking avi couldn't hurt, but is not necessarily a prerequisite

10.  Must accept me for who I am even with all my quirks.  I will return the favor.

11. Would be nice if the other person could communicate in complete sentences, with a minimum of spelling errors (again - not a prerequisite, but nice)



1. Gossip

2. Drama

3. Clingy

4.  Narrow-minded

5.  Has to always be right or win

6. Bad self-talk (I'm such a loser, no one likes me, I am fat/ugly.....)  HATE THIS!!!!

7. Selfishness

8.  People that are just plain mean

9. Liars, misleaders, deceivers

10.  Absence of common sense

11. Negativity


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Honesty (If you deal, mean it)

Trustfulness (No Trust, no relationship. if i cant trust, cause i know there is something not fitting)

Truthfulness (if you say it, i want to blindly take it for truth)

A good heart (might be tempramental, but no malice or wanton evil)

Loving (sounds weird to ask this in a partner, as it should be self-explaining)



lying (and misleading)

cheating (should be self-explaining, but i am not, so why the partner)

player (Seeing a relationship as just a game to dip in and out without consequences)

Drama - Llama (jeez, keep it)

Drinks heavy or smokes (taking poisin for recreation isnt my way)


Luckily i have found my other half :)

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 3600 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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