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Now Hiring Escorts! .:I:N:F:A:L:L:I:B:L:E:. -Exclusive Gentlemen's Escort Resort


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What is .:I:N:F:A:L:L:I:B:L:E:. -Exclusive Gentlemen's Resort?
   -Just that! We are the first and only exclusive gentlemen's beach resort in SL!
   We have a whole island sim fully furnished with only the best and highest quality cuddle/sex furniture, poses, textures, and we're looking for the most beautiful, high class girls to match - all in a fun, outdoor, island environment!

.:I:N:F:A:L:L:I:B:L:E:. is unlike any other club you've worked at before. Our goal is to succeed, like any club, yet without making our profit off of the girls who work for us. That's why we have very low cost ad boards, low percentage on Tip Jars, and we even reward our girls with a 1k finders fee for every Gentleman she brings to the resort.  I've worked at many clubs, like you, and I know how it works. The goal is for us girls to make money, and .:I:N:F:A:L:L:I:B:L:E:. is the place to do it - with an attitude of "the fewer the rules the better", freedom to work your way using your own methods, low cost to work - all in a high class, no BDSM environment with only the richest men as members!

  Note: .:I:N:FA:L:L:I:B:L:E:. has no issues with you continuing to work at other clubs, as we are not a traffic club .We are a place to bring your best clients  to temporarily get away from the drama at other clubs and make the most profit.

   If you would like to learn more about .:I:N:F:A:L:L:I:B:L:E:. and have an interest in working with us, please fill out the application below with your information, copy it, paste it in a notecard inworld with your name, and send it to KatKora Resident, who will then get in touch with you to set up an interview.

 I look forward to hearing from you!

Note: Because of .:I:N:F:A:L:L:I:B:L:E:.'s exclusivity, there is no public access, meaning you will not be able to land, if you try, UNTIL you fill out this app and we set up an interview.


Your SL name:

Your SL Birthday:

If you've been recommended by one of our staff or gentlemen members, please list their name here:

List of clubs you've worked at:

Where are you currently working:

We don't hire dancers at .:I:N:F:A:L:L:I:B:L:E:., please list which of the following escort positions you are applying for; Text, Voice,Cam:

How long have you been escorting in SL:

Languages you know:
Country you currently live in:

RL age:

SL time period you are generally online:

Your reason/s for wanting to work at .:I:N:F:A:L:L:I:B:L:E:.:

How many Hours per week you plan on putting towards working at .:I:N:F:A:L:L:I:B:L:E:.:

Please drag a picture of your avatar and place it here:


    Please note: No form of BDSM is allowed at .:I:N:F:A:L:L:I:B:L:E:.We are strictly a Gentlemen's club. We do not Hire Dommes or Subs, nor are they allowed to join as members. We also do not hire Furries, Elves ect.

   You will be asked to voice verify yourself at the interview, even if applying as a Text Escort. This is to verify your gender, as we only hire female escorts.

   You may be asked to upgrade your avatar, if this is the case, you will have one week from the time of hire to do so. Please don't take offense. We have made a very conscious effort of being the best and we want our girls to match.  Failure to upgrade in the allotted time may result in ejection from the club.

   We JUST opened our doors and are doing a mass hiring! Positions are filling up quickly! Now is the time to act if you'd like to work with us! Don't wait!

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 4323 days.

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