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Gothic Savira

Visual/Audio War 2011 Hosted By: PARTY On!!! Event Starts Friday, August 12th!!!

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~~~~~~~~~~~~Visual/Audio War 2011~~~~~~~~~~~~

When: FRIDAY, August 12th
Starting time 10am SLT
Where: PARTY On!!!
Sign-up deadline: SATURDAY, July 30th
Sign-up fee (for prize lindens): 100L

DJs will get a two hour time frame to play their sets. UNLESS we are booked by a lot of DJs, the set will be broke down to an hour (with plenty of notice for you to change what you need). Tipjars and group joiners ARE allowed to be out. The hangout area is on a 'M' sim, just to keep that in mind when entertaining your crowd. PARTY On!!! dancers will be permitted to work if they want to, and will help promote your set (but are also allowed to have a tipjar out as well).

PHOTOGRAPHERS will be able to put up 3 of their best pictures AND advertisment of their business with a donation box (max of 5 prims). Because the photographers are NOT required to be at the event, they MUST put up a profile picture with full name so patrons are able to vote.

There will be ONE voting station for DJs and ONE voting station for Photographers. There will be a BASE prize amount, but your sign-in fees (100L) will be added to the pot, meaning the more DJs and Photographers joining the event, the more the prize money will be. The votes will be open during the whole event and winners will be announced after last set and put out in PLAY On notice (you can add to the group if you would like) as well as an IM sent out to each (DJ and Photographer) winners. If you have any questions, you will need to IM Cherie Listern and she will get back to you as soon as possible. Thank you for your consideration in entering and best of luck to you when you participate.

Please go inworld to the doorway of "for the FUN of it" to fill out your form and drop it in the mailbox.


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