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Getting back into things...

TzunCet Xomotron

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Hello all...

I must have been gone longer than I thought, seems I forgot "everything" and need to freshen up, but wanted to get some input from other users...

One major thing is that I have a laptop that I installed both the Viewer and Mesh on... I definitely confused myself... I have both on my desktop, and don't recall having concerns.

I vaguely remember before that in older to use Mesh and get on the testing grid having to do something w/ my password. I installed Mesh on the laptop, but took advantage of the new sign on grid selection feature, and just used the one name/password I've been using. I connected w/o issue, and when trying to upload a test mesh (something I've done many times before), I was made to "enable" mesh uploads... In preparation of using Mesh, I already enabled it, and this is where my confusion starts...

I noticed that when it brought me to the SL site (in a new tab if that matters), my login info was missing, but I have cookies enabled, not to mention I was "already" signed on w/ my acct... I entered my acct info, and it logged me in, no problem. First thing I noticed is that it "flashed" Aditi in the url... Secondly, the amount of Lindens was different...

On my desktop when I used Mesh and Viewer, I noticed the inventory and Lindens were diff, but I didn't know there was an "Aditi" SL site as well, if I'm making any sense...

I'm confused, and may not be explaining things correctly, but my -question- is is that I want to know if I did anything wrong that I need to fix, or is this normal behavior. This may all very well be paranoia from an **bleep** retentive geek, but if someone could ease my worries, I'd be very grateful =)

Also, I notice many changes in the upload screen... My 1st problem here is that the textures on a collada file I have uploaded and used many times before on the test grid, for some reason, the textures are not showing in the preview now (and yes, I have it set to show textures =P). Also, does the collada avatar not move in unison w/ your current avatar anymore?!? For me, that was a simple test of "ok, I see the joints are working even before I upload", but I need to know if it's a problem on my end or the "new normal"...

Another thing is that w/ this very same initial test file, there are inconsistent costs... I tried uploading 3 times and saw 2 different costs (in Lindens and prim equiv). Any reason for this?

And lastly........ I know that the figure I made has less than 4000 polys. When I check the poly count of the sculpty sphere, that has about 4000, yet, my prim equiv for the collada file in question was 25 prims...... If that's the normal, then ok, but I'm wondering if there is a way to guesstimate prim equiv beforehand...

That's a mouthful, I know, but if anyone can help, it would be immensely appreciated =)

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A week is a long time in a mesh rollout. Much has changed in a few weeks. I can only suggest going over the wiki info and some older posts here and trying to catch up. Someone might write it all again for you.

Really needs  STICKY  threads on this forum blogrum !!!

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When you say you have installed Viewer and Mesh, I guess you installed a regular SL Viewer and the Mesh Project Viewer. If you want to test mesh on the main grid AGNI (like a game shard) you need to visit the Mesh Volunteers page and get the Mesh Test Viewer. For testing mesh on the ADITI Preview Grid use the latest Mesh Development Viewer.

Name your desktop icon immediately after install so the next install doesn’t over write it with its icon.

Whenever you change your password and log into the ADITI grid the system updates your inventory from your main account. You are also give more L$ for use in ADITI. That does not affect you main grid balance. Sorry.

ADITI is not a site. It is another grid, a set of simulators running regions that are separate from the main SL grid. A copy of your inventory is moved to the ADITI grid/system. If you have previously logged in and have not changed your password for some time, then your inventory is likely out of sync and reflects the state of your inventory at that past time.

Your ADITI and AGNI differences are normal.

When uploading there is currently a bug that creates problems when uploading a file with the same name. There is probably some caching problem on the server side. Some have tried clearing caches and searching for their upload temp files. No luck. But waiting some period, over night in the case related, corrects the problem.

I’ve also tried backing out of some choices in the upload dialog and had problems. They don’t seem to undo.

As to estimating PE before upload, I think that will be a matter of experience. There are too many factors to make a PE assumption based only on triangle count without some experience.

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Thanks for the replies =)

Drongle, the collada file mesh I used is mapped. It is mapped and textured, and I had no problems w/ it before. I would simply check the view texture box and it was there... And I did NOT use the LOD feature on any of the attempts. Didn't use it before, but thats moot =P For sure, there was in inconsistency in the value...

Actually Rage, what would be nice is if there was a list of fixes and changes as they happen across the newer releases. If you or someone else knows where that is, you could simply point in the direction, I don't think a re-write of everything is necessary.

Nalates, I think you hit several points on the button, thanks... I know my SL terminology isn'y up to par, but from what you explain a lot of what I experienced makes sense to me now... But to point out =P I know the test grid Lindens don't transfer, and I know that Aditi isn't a "website", Aditi was in the url when it attempted to log me into the site... For instance we know google.com, but what I saw was aditigoogle.com, but that's no biggie... Just good to know the accounts arent cross-linked in some fashion. I had to do the test twice (admittedly, I disagree w/ some of the answers, but oh well), once on "sl.com" and another time on aditisl.com...................... But I get the jist of it all now, again, many thanks =D

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 4080 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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