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SLCC 2011 Updates: How To Meet Your Favorite Linden; How To Attend Remotely

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July 19, 2011 — sitearm
includes list of 23 Linden Lab Staffers attending

Important Dates – Mark Your Calendar!
7/18 – In Memoriam entries due
7/21 – Hotel group rate discount ends
7/22 – Early Registration ends
7/31 – Presenters must be registered
8/1 – Custom badges due
8/5 – Social Events & Mixers due
8/11 – Track Leaders & Volunteers arrive
8/12 – 7th Annual SLCC begins!!

Check out Who’s Coming to SLCC?

Who Said SLCC Isn’t Virtual?
Presentations are webcast live to SL or your favorite Internet browser.
Have a party with your friends, and watch and discuss the 30+ presentations covering all areas of SL Resident interest.
Presentations are recorded to watch again at a time that best suits your schedule.
Live attendance fees cover webcasts and recordings, which are provided free of charge to all SL residents.


Second Life® is the world’s leading 3D Web virtual environment and virtual goods economy. SLCC is the Second Life Community Convention, held once a year for residents by residents.

This year SLCC is in Oakland, California, eight miles from Linden Lab Headquarters. SLCC is a non-profit, "mixed-mode" conference, meaning you can attend it Live or you can attend it Remote. All presentations are webcast live and recorded, so that all Second Life Residents have access to the materials. SLCC 2011 features key updates from Linden Lab and SL Residents.

. Rod Humble (SL: Rodvik Linden) The Future of Second Life
. Rik Panganiban (SL: Rik Riel) Creating a Better World
. Aliza Sherman (SL: Cybergrrl Oh) Our Virtual Lives

30 plus presentations are scheduled into five conference tracks:
. Artistic & Creative Expression,
. Commerce & Marketing,
. Developers & Open Source,
. Public Service & Education, and
. Social Experience & Communities.

Linden Lab Staffers Attending
Meet and talk with your favorite Linden: Bagman, BK, Brett, Brooke, Charlar, Colossus, Delby, Durian, Elise, Esbee, Fredrik, Gez, Kim, Leonidas, Madhavi, Nyx, Pete, Rodvik, Runitai, Tiggs, Viale. Vogt, Yoz 

. Marc Viale (SL: Viale Linden) The Future of Second Life Social Experience and Communities
. Charlie Hite (SL: Charlar Linden) The Future of Mesh in Second Life
. Brett Atwood (SL: Brett Linden) Destination Guide & Beyond: New SL Promotional Channels Today
. Jeff Vogt (SL: Vogt Linden) The Future of Commerce in Second Life
. John Laurence (SL: Durian Linden), Jeff Vogt (SL: Vogt Linden), Sarah Kuehnle (SL: Esbee Linden), Michael Gesner (SL: Gez Linden), Peter Gray (SL: Peter Linden). The Future of the Second Life Platform

Web: www.slconvention.org
Email: info @ avacon . org

Live attendance fees cover webcasts and recordings. Enjoy!

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 4658 days.

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