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Scripter needed

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Looking to hire a good scripter who can create a networked house rezzer.

Basic Description:

1) put the houses (packaged with rez faux) to be rezzed into the server prim.

2) place some house rezzer terminals in the same region

3) when customers click on the house rezzers, they can choose which houses to rez.

4) choosing another house from the menu, will derez the first house, and so on.

5) server must be able to store about 50 houses

Please note that vendor/seller functions are not needed. Houses are only needed to be rezzed (temp rez not required), not sold.

If you think you can do this job please let me know.

Full detail specs will be provided, so you can estimate the time needed and costs.






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Hi Gonna,

I've messaged you in-world about some detail specifications I need, but basically, what are the complete specs for this project?

- How quickly are you looking for this? (I can do it, but it might take some time depending on the complexity needed of the script, as I'm only an intermediate scripter, nothing really special, and looking to take this project for experience.)

- Are the houses to be rezzed on parcels, so that the customers need to own the parcel to rez the houses? If so, are the parcels differing sizes and shapes (meaning individual rotation of each house per parcel will have to be remembered per terminal, as well as which houses will fit on it, if the houses have differing footprints)?

- Are the customers required to be part of a group to rez the houses?

- Do you have the house rezzers already, or will I need to create the prims/textures/etc for the house rezzers too, and not just the script(s)?

- Does the server need to be the only object with the houses in its inventory, with the house only being temporarily passed to the rezzers when it is being rezzed?

- I'm letting you know up front that I have no experience with rez-faux, as I don't build houses and such, so I've never needed it. I don't know rez-faux's limitations and/or features. If needed, I will buy a copy of rez-faux to test for compatibility issues and such, but that will increase the price of the script for you.

- Also, letting you know that if I do script this, and later discover that I could have been more efficient in the scripting, I will update the script for free (new features to be added aren't included in this, just updated script efficiency). 

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 4325 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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