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Deploys for the week of 2011-07-18

Oskar Linden
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I have heard other people in various building groups experiencing the same, all on Le Tigre regions.

To reproduce it, simply place out any furniture which rezzes a Mono scripted poseball, MLPv2 does this.. the issue happens 2-3 times a day where the furniture suddenly refuses to rez the poseball but the llDialog menu is operational.

From what I can tell its all mono scripts that suddenly go unresponsive for a while, then up to an hour later it suddenly work again, furnitures who worked after the 19th restart suddenly displays this issue and all newly rezzed ones as well.

The issue was first encountered Tuesday 19th and I doubt that any of my tenants would not have reported it earlier if it happened before that restart.

For reference, including link to another forum posting:


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